photos: Mike Azevedo
words: Cole St Martin

Loon Mountain celebrated their final day of the season by hosting kids from all over the East Coast for their second annual Street Cred contest. Breaking away from the norm of the average rail jam, the park staff put together a course filled with obstacles such as wallrides, handicap rails, a chain-link pole jam, and even a 20-foot down bar with ten small knobs on it. The course got heated up by the likes of Travis Neunhaus, Tyler L’Heureux, Matt Shaffer and Kevin Court who had apparently lost their shirts for a majority of the contest. While Devon Therrien got creative with all sorts of wild gap to rail options, Dennis Filteau showed consistency while flowing lines throughout all the features on the course.

Event announcer, Nelson Wormstead claimed that he would give $100 to the first person who successfully went sideways through the knobbed rail, which was awarded to Nick Doucette. Others who attempted this feat were not so lucky, such as Kevin Court who hooked on the third knob and scorped straight to his face.  However, it was Jeff Deforge who proved to be the stand out, as he laid down different lines, including difficult tricks such as various 270’s on and off, along with frontside and half cab nose presses, taking home the $2,000 grand prize. As another season has come to an end, shout out to Loon Mountain for hosting one last event to bring the East Coast snowboard community together.


1st – Jeff Deforge
2nd – Devin Therrien
3rd – Dennis Filteau


1st – Maggie Leon
2nd – Lilly Calabrese
3rd – Gina Perelli