There’s no getting around it. Summer sucks. Sure, there’s BBQs, cliff jumping, and skating to be done, but taking a whole six months off of snowboarding is more than we prefer to endure. In order to get a fix midsummer, the SNOWBOARDER Staff piled in a pick-up and pointed it from San Clemente, California to Mt. Hood, Oregon for the triumvirate of summertime contests in the Summer Games, the Drink Water Rat Race, Team Sports, and the Merrill Minipipe Invitationals. After 1,000 miles of driving north, our crew was met with by a crowd of riders slashing turns and planting lips. From Olympians Danny Davis, Elena Hight, Louie Vito and Ayumu Hirano, to video part stars Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller, Brandon Cocard, Austin Smith, to The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Foreword cast memebers Blake Paul, Garrett Warnick, and Jaeger Bailey, and many more–the gamut of professional snowboarding was well represented at Mt. Hood. While we did partake in some warm weather activities, the best things to do in summer are only made better when you’ve already spent the day on hill. Enjoy our Summer Games roadtrip.

The SNOWBOARDER Summer Games includes the Drink Water Rat Race, Team Sports, and the Merrill Minipipe Invitational. Nexen Tire is the official tire sponsor of the SNOWBOARDER Summer Games.

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