Words: Pat Bridges

Rob “Whitey” McConnaughy emerged as one of the most prolific snowboard media personalities of the mid 90’s. While his photography of the Utah and Colorado new school scene graced the pages of Blunt, his movies like Sexual Chocolates, Caffeine, Warriors and Substance were required viewing before riding from coast to coast. Ingemar Backman’s part in Substance is considered one of the most influential of the decade. A few years later Whitey’s Kingpin Productions returned to prominence with releases like Back In Black, Destroyer and Brainstorm showcasing regulars Scotty Whittlake, MFM, Gigi Rüf and Mikey Leblanc. Lately Whitey has been making his mark on the music video scene with clever cuts like these two latest examples. The first is for the White Fang jam “Wires” featuring former Transworld Sr. Editor Chris Coyle and the second is the latest release from Superchank, “Crossed Wires”. Shred trivia-philes might also remember DCP’s Kingpin Happy Hour part to Superchunks “Rainy Streets.” For your viewing pleasure, we have also included MFM’s part from Whitey’s 2002 film Happy Hour as well as a whole different kind of deadly cat.

Red Fang


Deadly Cat