Superpark 13 Mammoth: Day 2

Austin Hironaka: Aaron Dodds

Austin Hironaka: Aaron Dodds

Words: Jenna Klein
Bangers got brought out into the open as Day 2 of Superpark® 13 presented by Gatorade got underway. With standouts still showing why they got invited, riders were able to dig deeper in their bags and dial in some bigger moves. Loaded up on sunscreen and a variety of electrolyte enhanced liquids, ie. Gatorade; riders waxed, drank, and pointed in that very order until the sun went down.

As far as action was concerned, the extra large Loon jump saw more hits than a battered housewife, though the men delivering the shots brought only sweetness to the takeoff. A number of riders took on the feature, but Quebec's Matts Kulisek nailed front 10's with ease right after remarking how scary the thing was. Scared must not translate from French into English well, because I've never seen anyone repeatedly point it towards a 100 footer with fear in their eyes. Pat Moore, Lonnie Kauk, Dan Brisse and Bjorn Leines kept the session going, with Bjorn's huge cab 3's gaining gawks from all present bystanders.

With rumors roaming around that the gigantic hip would soon be open, riders hustled over to the other side of the hill to duck ropes and get to sending it. Lining up to let loose were energizer bunnies Matts Kulisek, Pat Moore, Dan Brisse and soon to be standouts Marco Swoboda, Austin Hironaka, Jarad Hadi and John Foy. Hadi brought his missing front-toothed wild style to the hip quick, going for huge 3's and a gargantuan back rodeo 7 which surely will be dialed by tomorrow. Foy gave the photographers a bit of a nightmare situation as he took flight wearing all black, completely disappearing into the foliage everytime. Hironaka and Swoboda both made it look easy, tweaking harder than a kid in an Alabama basement.

As day 2 wraps, notable mention goes out to the lone babe Jenny Jones for taking on the hip and nailing a few 5's earlier in the day on the Mammoth jump. Superpark standouts are beginning to emerge, and there is enough Gatorade on-hill to keep riders performing near Olympic levels. Stay tuned to see what happens when Bear builders open their crazy creation and riders battle for the number one standout spot as Superpark® 13 presented by Gatorade continues.