Micael Lundmark Photo: Oli Gagnon

Micael Lundmark Photo: Oli Gagnon

Words: Eric Meyers

Springtime in Mammoth is tricky. Some days it'll look like the weather is going to be perfect, but then we come to find out that global winding is in full effect at the hill. However, Superparkers who showed up to Superpark 13 presented by Gatorade Day 3 were treated to the nicest conditions of the week, with blue skies and very little wind…go time.

As per routine, most riders spent the morning in the woods, warming up on the Super Snake Run, a series of berms and BMX-style doubles that really gets the stoke flowing. After some hot laps here and some burgers there, it was time for the guys to really clock in and get after the big stuff.

Wasting no time were Superpark regs Lonnie Kauk and Chelone Miller, who hit up Loon Mountain's hundred footer for most of the day. Big L was claiming that he was just logging some filler footy, but apparently we have different definitions of the word filler because dropping cab nines above the backdrop of the Sierras is pretty serious to most of us.

Clayton Shoemaker and the Bear Mountain crew finally cut the ribbon on their main feature; a perfectly shaped half-bowl with hips into either side…oh, and a giant cheese wedge dead center in case you want to send it over the whole thing. Nearly every rider up here wanted a piece of the party, but it was young Jake Welch who offered up the biggest frontside pocket airs into the thing. Mammoth locals Tyler Flanagan and Greg Bretz took head-on doubles runs, barreling into the bowl at breakneck speeds.

The day ended, as all the best days do, with a session on the big hip. Austin Hironaka did his thing and got upside down with backside rodeos some twenty feet out. Tim Humphreys joined him, taking laps deep into the evening with velvety smooth back one tailgrabs right at the top of the Gatorade height meter.

Tomorrow is the last day for the guys to go for glory, so check back for the final wrap up. Our thoughts go out to Cody Rosenthal, who took a bit of a digger today…get well soon bud.