Haldor Helgason and Micael Lundmark hydroplane the Gatorade Fruit Punch Pond Skim. Photo: Daniel Blom

Haldor Helgason and Micael Lundmark hydroplane the Gatorade Fruit Punch Pond Skim. Photo: Daniel Blom

Words: Pat Bridges

3 days of big lips, fast laps, hot landings and high airs took their toll on the majority of the Superpark attendants, leaving an abridged field on hill for day four. With less talent on tap, the invited industry members and media had the perfect opportunity to get some of their own. The four-minute lift ride up Chair 4 enabled anyone with a two-hour window of down time the chance to take a dozen or so runs in the best park they have ever seen. While the hundred foot jumps and five-story hips may soak up the spotlight at Superpark 13, it is the fringe features that make Superpark super fun.

The only thing bigger than the Bear Mountain bowl feature was the smiles on the faces of the riders as they pumped their way through it. As the main feature sessioned on this sunny Friday, Clayton, Desi, Bruce, Dan and Jesse sat back and watched their creation come to life once again. Standouts in the bowl included Haldor Helgason, Chas Guldemond, Bjorn Leines, Nico Cioffi, Nate Farrell, Scott Blum, Harrison Gordon, Martin Cernik, Robbie Walker, Lucas Magoon (who transferred from the big takeoff jump into the bowl), Markku Koski, Sketchy D, Austen Sweetin, Jake Welch, Tim Humphreys, SNOWBOARDER Senior Photographer Oli Gagnon (giant frontside stales), and countless others.

Meanwhile, as the bowl was getting smoked, other trees were getting lit up on rider's right of Chair 4. Both the DC and Forum squads sent it through the Andrew Hardingham Memorial Highway feature. Once all the riders in their respective contingents had sessioned the Superpark to its fullest, Mammoth's Unbound squad unveiled the Gatorade Fruit Punch Pond Skim, where riders had to be electro-lyte on their feet to hydroplane across 1,000 gallons of hydration. SNOWBOARDER's own Chris Engelsman was the first to span the drink, leaving all other riders waiting to drop in his wake. Yet a pond skim is nothing more than just a body of water till someone ends up in the drink. That someone at Superpark 13 was Haldor "Give 'em" Helgason. The DC am from Iceland went for a soak and emerged with a smile, and so ended what many have called the best Superpark yet.

SNOWBOARDER would like to thank Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Gatorade, Oren Tanzer and his Unbound Terrain Park staff, the High Cascade Snowboard Camp digging crew, Bear Mountain, CA, Loon Mountain, NH, Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol, IDEKAY, Valdor, Standard Films, Sushi Rei, the entire SNOWBOARDER Senior Photography staff, and the riders, filmers and photographers who came in and made Superpark 13 what may be the best Superpark of all time.