Photos:Aaron Dodds
Words: Reid Casner
Captions: Pat Bridges

If day 1 of Superpark 14 was your first day pledging a fraternity than day 2 was your first hangover. Riders woke up in a slightly unfamiliar place, still experiencing the effects of the day prior. Like most really good hangovers the morning started out great: you get up feeling invincible and dive head first into the day. In this case that equated to boycotting speed-checks and picking up where you left off on the jump lines. At about 11 o'clock the day/hangover took a turn for the worse (as they usually do). Clouds rolled in and wind increased. It got grey and people found themselves wondering how they'd gotten there., another familiar sensation of the hangover. Fortunately for all, Superpark 14 is sponsored by Gatorade; any hangover's best friend. After a quick lunch and some hydrating shredders found their second wind and spread out in packs to various features throughout the park. With flat light and unpredictable gusts most favored Loon's Whack A Mole mini jump line: an in-ground  set of four bmx-like tabletops with ample room for transfers and creativity. Backies, shifty's , tweaks, and party trains ruled the session until every possible route and line had been exasperated. It was all a lot to take in, but the performances of Haldor Helgason, Zack Hale, Tucker Andrews, Jamie Nichols, Brandon Hammond, Sean Black, the Think Thankers, and Nick Dirks were burned into memory. If you weren't at The Whack A Mole you were at the HCSC quarterpipe getting a feel for the 30' wall of transition. Things couldn't get too hot with the rouge wind, but all are in agreement when the skies clear it's going to be on. After a few airs dancing with the 10' range we called it early in hopes of better weather in the near future. Sometimes with a really bad hangover you just have to go back to bed and start fresh the next day, and that’s just what we’re going to do. See you tomorrow.