r: Johnny Malanga p: E-Stone

Recap: T-Bird

Mt. Bachelor, Oregon is the perfect venue for the fifteenth installment of SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s most coveted event. I say this because, though the features piled up by our renowned pushers is unbelievable, you must ride down “Supernatural Park” to get to Superpark. Bachelor’s top terrain, consisting of wind lips, tree bonks, gaps, (namely, the “Devun Gap,” named for famed backcountry badass Devun Walsh who is in attendance this year) and more are the perfect warm up for riders and industry liaisons before the looming jumps, rails, and hips overtake the landscape.

r: Parker Duke p: Mike Yoshida

Our build teams this year are unreal. Jason George of Copper, Eric Rosenwald of Boreal and Corey Tredkin of Killington consist of one team, Cory McDonald, Pat Malendoski, and James Jackson comprise the High Cascade crew, Joel Rerko heads up the Seven Springs squad, and Hames Ellerbe leads the Bachelor bunch. And the features that these diligent and talented dudes have created are remarkable. Massive hips, huge jumps, perfectly placed rail features, rollers, quarters, and more make up what may be the biggest and safest Superpark yet.

r: Scotty Vine p: E-Stone

I mainly watched the Seven Springs hip session today, and the standouts included Aaron Robinson, Jordan Phillips, Kyle Lopiccolo, Parker Duke, Curtis Woodman, Ben Rice, Trevor Jacob, and more. But hands-down the most impressive trick thrown down all day on it was Scotty Vine’s one-foot frontside three on the beast. Peep the video for further proof.

r: Chelone Miller p: Mike Yoshida

The High Cascade jump went off as well, sessioned solely by Chelone Miller who back rodeo, Cab five, and Cab ten’d the giant. Bode Merrill was witnessed shutting down the hip that is fed into by the jump, but again, the video will do more justice that my words when describing all the action that went down on Day One. It was a formidable kick-off to the biggest event of the year. Stay tuned to snowboardermag.com for daily updates, photo galleries, and videos from Superpark 15.

r: Bode Merrill p: Mike Yoshida

SNOWBOARDER would like to thank our sponsors, Gatorade and Mt. Bachelor, Oregon for their continued support of Superpark and their dedication to the progression of snowboarding.

Snackie Chan p: E-Stone

r: Parker Duke p: Huggy

p: Mike Yoshida

r: Jordan Phillips p: E-Stone

r: Kyle Lopiccolo p: E-Stone

r: Scotty Vine p: E-Stone