r: Bode Merrill p: E-Stone

Recap: T-Bird

Day two of Superpark 15 presented by Gatorade at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon was graced with cloudless blue skies and zero wind. Needless to say, from sun up to sundown, the 200-plus attendees picked apart every feature in the park.

r: Cody Boan p: Huggy

Memory cards filled up faster than a fat kid in the buffet line. Rows of photographers and filmers lined every feature and the snapping of shutters and the whooping from filmers filled the air all day long. From what I saw, Bode Merrill’s fastplant on the “Keg Tap” garnered some attention, and Dustin Craven’s frontside invert on one of the biggest inbounds wallrides ever ridden. Craven wasn’t satisfied and kept going back for more, but he was getting his ass kicked like a Canadian at a 4th of July party in Texas. Regardless, Craven got it, and it was the shot of the day as far as I’m concerned.

r: Dustin Craven p: E-Stone

Chelone Miller lapped the High Cascade jump yet again alongside Seth Hill and Brennen Swanson. Directly after the HCSC jump was a giant hip that hosted a session for most of the afternoon. Sam Taxwood, Pat Burgener, LNP, Ben Bilocq, Chelone and many more lapped the hip ’til the sun set. Today was the most action-packed day yet, but there’s sure to be more in the coming days. Make sure to keep checking back for all the updates from Bachelor at snowboardermag.com.

r: Ben Biloq p: jeff Baker

r: Sam Taxwood p: Mike Yoshida

r: Forest Bailey p: Huggy

r: Logan Short p: Jeff Baker

r: Scott Vine p: E-Stone

r: Laurent-Nicolas Paquin p: Mike Yoshida

r: Jeremy Thompson p: Kyle Beckmann

r: Sam Taxwood p: Jeff Baker

r: Matts Kulisek p: Mike Yoshida

r: Nils Arvidson p: Huggy

r: Tim Humphreys p: Huggy

r: Chelone Miller p: Huggy

r: Scott Vine p: E-Stone

r: Chelone Miller p: Huggy

r: Jeremy Thompson p: Huggy

r: Tim Humphreys p: E-Stone