Superpark 16: Day 1 Photos & Recap


Recap: T. Bird
Captions: Pat Bridges

Day one of Superpark 16 got underway today, May 7th, at Mt. Bachelor, OR. Under windless skies and bluebird conditions, over 300 riders registered at the Sunrise Lodge starting at 8:30 a.m. and those who signed the waivers and release forms required to attend Superpark got right to it.

The four build teams–Mt. Bachelor, OR, Loon Mountain, NH, Boreal, CA, and Seven Springs, PA conjured up one of the best Superpark setups to date, including step overs, step ups, step downs, redirects, multi-use features, drops, bonks, and some seriously gargantuan cheese wedges. Needless to say that this year, Superpark is not for the faint of heart.

For most of the day, I was posted up on the Boreal step-up. Perpendicular to the rider's right wall of the landing sits a 10-foot wallride with two hitching posts atop it and a chain connecting the posts. Standouts on the feature were Brendan Gerard, who I believe rode the best, Mitch Richmond, who put down a ridiculous double cork, last year's Superpark 15 standout Scotty Vine, Kyle Lopiccolo, along with Scott Blum, Garrett Warnick, Jeff Kramer, and a handful of others who chucked double corks and hucked their meat on what might be the safest jump sitting on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor this year.

Hans and Nils Mindnich reaffirmed their presence at SNOWBOARDER events this year, and, after two of the best performances at The Launch a few weeks back at Bear Mountain, they're well on their way to stepping up to the big leagues of Superpark. The brothers were the only ones to step to the beast, and with crazy tweaks, unique spins, and a plethora of style, they shut down the gigantic Loon jump. Loon, always known for pushing around the biggest piles of snow on the hill has done it once again with the most ominous and looming jump feature of the event.

Earlier in the day, the Seven Springs lane, which saw the most traffic of any today was sessioned by hundreds of riders. Seven Springs' jumps are attainable, clean, and perfectly built, and the standout of the early afternoon session was Tim Humphreys with a perfectly stomped double cork. Seth Hill, who rode unbelievable well last year at Superpark also helped heat up the session. Forum teammates Austen Sweetin and Pat Moore also put down some tricks on the Seven Springs bottom jump.

French Canadian phenom Sebastién Toutant was lapping the Bachelor lane as well and he took it to the whiskey barrel jib with a frontside 540 nose tap, as well as Johnny O'Connor who landed a front three Indy nose tap. Brendan Rego also took off from the lip of the jib to the giant landing, which was one of the heaviest tricks done on Bachelor's phenomenal feature.

Be sure to check back to for exclusive edits, words, and photos from Superpark 16 Presented by Gatorade, because we have three more days of on-hill insanity, and we'll be sure to keep you up-to-the minute on all the happenings up here in Mt. Bachelor, OR.