Recap: T. Bird
Captions: Pat Bridges

Thus far, Superpark 16 Presented by Gatorade is shaping up to be one of the best of all time. Day two started off with similar weather to day one. No wind. No clouds. Plenty of sunshine. Needless to say that without the 300-plus person registration process, the Superpark 2012 attendees got right to business.

From nine to noon, the Seven Springs features got sessioned hard. Their two jumps–one at the top and one at the bottom– went off, with twenty-plus riders hiking and hitting the seventy-footer. Once again, Hans and Nils Mindnich proved to be the standouts on the top kicker with a plethora of moves that not only kicked off the session, but kept it going until lunch. Meanwhile, the monster booter constructed by Joel Rerko and his diligent staff was being lapped by about forty riders, including, but not limited to Seth Hill, Sage Kotsenburg, Sam Hulbert, Brandon Cocard, and Brendan Gerard. While Brendan emerged as the star rider (to me, at least), that's not to take away from any of the other takers who pointed it at the behemoth. The photos from the jump may look fake, but the reality of the situation this morning can only conclude that snowboard park design and execution has hit an astronomical level.

Immediately after lunch, about twenty-five riders were hand-picked to get down on a private hip session. Said riders included Pat Moore, Garrett Warnick, Sam Taxwood, Seth Hill, Victor Simco, Blake Paul, Josh Dirksen, Robby Balharry, Ben Bogart, Forest Bailey, Dustin Craven, Ben Bilocq, Michael Gray, Austen Sweetin, Austin Hironaka, Kyle Lopiccolo, Brendan Gerard (who might have my vote for overall Superpark standout at the moment), Andrew Brewer, Hans and Nils Mindnich (who also might be current standouts), Phil Jacques and a few more. At the end of the afternoon jam, either Austen Sweetin or Dustin Craven went the highest on the hip, Sam Taxwood and Hans Mindnich almost stole the show with gigantic alley-oop front threes, while Austen Sweetin stomped some insane switch methods, but it was Garrett Warnick who walked away with the best trick (and best overall performance) when he sent an alley-oop back seven to the tranny. The crowd went wild and then piled out, except for a select few who were tapped for a sunset shoot on Seven Springs' top jump and Boreal's step-up.

As soon as the sun went down, twenty invited riders made their way to the top of the Superpark setup on the Seven Springs booter. Pat Moore, Garrett Warnick, Seth Hill, Brendan Gerard, Andreas Wiig, Scotty Vine, the brothers Mindnich, Colin Spencer, Tim Humphreys, Mitch Richmond, and more lapped the step down as the sun set over the valley in Bend. Superpark is all about sunset shoots, and the images that come from them, and needless to say, you’ll see what we’re talking about in the January issue of SNOWBOARDER Magazine.

There’s three days of Superpark still to go, so keep checking back for all the info about Superpark 16 Presented by Gatorade live at Mt. Bachelor.