Superpark 16: Day 3 Photos & Recap


Recap: T. Bird
Captions: Pat Bridges

Though the weather was a bit more inclement than the previous two days, the action at Superpark 2012 was nothing short of phenomenal. This course consists of at least a dozen features, and that's not counting little side hits, bumps, rollers, and cut-ins that the riders have carved out since we started on Monday, and with so much terrain, there's almost too much going on at once to keep up with. Regardless, I'll try my best to recap what went down on day three, and forgive me if I miss any notable action. There's a lot going on up here.

In the morning there was a session on the bottom Seven Springs jump and the Bachelor kicker. A dozen or so dudes were lapping Bachelor's pad gap until some high uphill winds complicated the speed of the run-in and it was shut down. Still though, a handful of others sessioned it for a bit and they're most likely sure to session it again during the week. It's a big jump, and it is sure to produce some insane images.

On the Seven Springs jump, Sebastién Toutant, Scotty Vine, and some other standouts lapped the kicker for a few hours, accessing it via chairlift. Toutant pretty much shut it down when he stomped the hell out of a Cab 12 double cork toward the end of the session. The onlookers cheered as the remainders up top chucked their meat and moved on to the next zone.

Immediately after lunch, what may be the biggest jump at Superpark–the behemoth pushed up by the builders from Loon Mountain, NH–got going. Brandon Reis, Tim Humphreys, Seth Hill, Tyler Flanagan, Andy Bergen-Sperry, Yuki Kadono, and the rest of the brave souls who pointed it at the monster sent it for a few hours. Flanagan pretty much shut it down with a back 10 double cork to start things off, while Yuki Kadono followed suit with a double of his own and more pop than anyone who hit the kicker over the snowcat all day. Once again, the wind picked up and the clouds moved in and it was closed off for the remainder of the afternoon, and so the party moved up to the Boreal area.

As the sun started to set, nearly the entire Superpark congregation moved to the top, where Eric Rosenwald and the Boreal builders were putting the finishing touches on their jib/wallride Mecca. It was cold atop Bachelor, but the crowd gathered to watch the riders hit the step-up where a ton of double corks were being chucked into the sky. Atop the wallride/step-up jump, the closeout/bombdrop section was underway. Andrew Brewer frontflipped off the beast while Chris Grenier, Scott Stevens, Brady Farr and others sessioned the quarterpipe and wallride respectively.

There's more action to be had at Superpark 16 in the coming two days, so check back for all the videos, photos, and words, only on