Recap: T. Bird
Captions: Pat Bridges

It's been a few long days on Mt. Bachelor, OR here at Superpark 16 Presented by Gatorade, but extended sessions are a staple of this event. Extended sessions also make it exponentially harder to wake up at four o'clock in the morning for a sunrise shoot (that's right, sunrise) on Loon Mountain, NH's premier feature, and seeing how well it went has us all at SNOWBOARDER considering making these early morning sessions a Superpark staple.

The Loon crew had their feature pristine and salted bright and early as Sam Taxwood, Hans and Nils Mindnich, Scotty Vine, Seth Hill, Nils Arvidsson, and Sebastién Toutant waited for the sun to poke through the trees and rise above the valley. Once it did, it was officially on, as the best session at Superpark 16 kicked off. Seth Hill killed it with every variation of five, seven, and nine known to man, while the brothers Mindnich applied their unique tweaks and impeccable style to the monster. Nils Arvidsson was arguab;y going the biggest, popping off his toes while spinning frontside and backside respectively. Sam Taxwood's back fives were incredible, and the same can be said for Sebastién's gigantic Cab double cork tens. However, it was Scotty Vine who unstrapped one foot to get the shot of the morning with a ridiculous one-foot frontside three. All of the riders got shots, and they're some of the best we've gotten since we arrived at Bachelor.

After lunch, about thirty riders made their way to the Loon Mountain hip for an afternoon slush session. Zac Marben started off the session with twenty-plus foot methods, and if you've never seen Marben's method, click through the gallery in this post and see exactly how a method is supposed to be done. After seeing how big he went, the other participants upped their amplitude, but Garrett Warnick went berserk. Worm sent it over the entire hip with a few massive straight airs, and then immediately after Worm went huge, Ben Bogart tried his hand at shooting the hip but he came up a few feet short and to the right, catching the last bit of tranny and walking away unscathed. Other standouts included Matts Kulisek, Sam Taxwood, Nils Mindnich, Jess Kimura, Seth Hill, and an assortment of other takers. Plainly put, the Loon hip went off, but it was the Boreal sunset session that would cap off one of the most productive Superparks to date: from sunup to sundown…literally.

Be sure to check back to for all the updates on Superpark 16 here at Mt. Bachelor, OR. There's still one day left and a few edits to drop, and the on-hill action is absolutely insane.