words: Tanner McCarty
captions: T. Bird

Well, she's back ladies and gents. Superpark 17 presented by Gatorade was put into drive at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon today, with nothing but blue skies and near 70 degree weather. Seriously, it was so hot out squirrels were picking up their nuts with pot-holders. This meant wax was key and thanks to Gatorade's waxing station, it kept speed high and stoke higher.

The morning was spent with hundreds of the world's best park riders scoping all of the crazy jumps, hips, tunnels, and quarterpipes that our featured park crews pushed together after a week straight of building, digging, shaping, and repeating that process. These guys are animals and seriously deserve the Fireball they are currently drinking. The park crews consisted of Woodward (Boreal and Copper); Loon Mountain, New Hampshire; Seven Springs, Pennsylvania; and Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, and boy, did they bring their A-Game.

Speed was checked, prayers were said, and the sessions got underway, starting at the top of the hill on Loon's perfectly shaped cheese wedge and the atypical hip that was actually perpendicular to the mountain. Hips are cool, because if you know how to handle them, the bigger the better. Ozzy Henning lit the fire and showed everyone how to get up in the air with a stinky stailfish among other super tweaked grabs. Sam Taxwood, who is no stranger to Superpark or catching air, sent proper methods deep into the end of the landing, in nothing but a white button up that looked like he was at his prom afterparty.

As 4:30 rolled around and you were convinced your boots couldn't become more soaked, a classic session that gives Superpark its tenacity started on the steroid-injected channel hip that Seven Springs had created. Standouts included Hans Mindnich with a backside rodeo Taipan that only yoga instructors can reach, as well as Garrett Warnick, Sam Taxwood, Colin Spencer, and Seth Hill all putting it down. Roope Tonteri ended the session, sending a giant straight air to the last couple feet of the landing, which may have started an electrical storm that forced us to evacuate the hill after lighting was spotted.

With Day One a wrap and the town of Bend smelling like wet boots, we can only imagine what the next four days are going to bring. Lucky for you, we are going to be bringing you the action in real time with Superpark 17: The Webcast starting tomorrow at 1:30 PM PST, so you better check it out!


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