words: Tanner McCarty
captions: T. Bird

Day two of Superpark presented by Gatorade opened up with mostly sunny skies, light and variable winds, and a whole lot of boarders eager to start shredding the marvelous features constructed by Loon Mountain, Seven Springs, Woodward (Copper and Boreal), and Mt. Bachelor.

If you were procrastinating at your computer around 1:30 PM PST on Tuesday, you should have noticed a select few riders that were hand-chosen to session the Loon Mountain cheese wedge for Superpark 17: The Webcast. The session was full of huge spins, unique grabs, and timeless style. Similar to watching your cat fall off a table, every rider lapping the jump seemed to keep landing on their feet, no matter how technical the maneuver. Hans and Nils Mindnich have taken to trading tricks at different events as Hans threw down the esteemed front seven bloody Dracula that his brother Nils had done at The Launch presented by Volcom a month prior. Hans also landed a few back ten double corks that were flipped so late we started to get nervous for his future. Other heavies included East Coast ripper, Zach Normandin with a backside seven sad air that actually made people happy, and Jack Kyle who was landing back nines like he invented the trick. Sam Taxwood, Seth Hill, Nick Pooch, and Mason Aguirre were all making difficult spins look easy, however, Taxwood's shirtless back seven, Lick the Cat-style, got all the hoots and hollers.

The almost indescribable Woodward rail section had its opening session in the afternoon. The setup of stairs, banks, rails and shrubbery has literally infinite options and riders like Spencer Schuburt found lines that the average human could not construe. Jesse Paul landed a 270 double slide on the down rails that were barely close enough to accomplish the trick, while Lucas Magoon and Niko Cioffi found ways to take tricks into the brick tranny. Expect a lot more creativity coming out of this zone in the days to come, so stay tuned and makes sure to watch the second edition of Superpark 17: The Webcast, starting Wednesday at 1:30 PM PST.

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