words: Tanner McCarty
captions: T.Bird

Crews of riders have had two days lapping through the various setups constructed by Woodward (Boreal and Copper), Loon Mountain, Seven Springs, and Mt. Bachelor, and it showed on Day 3 at Superpark 17 presented by Gatorade, as onlookers started to see some originality in how the transitions were ridden. SNOWBOARDER Magazine's Battle of the Brands gives out a trip to Cabo for the best team edit from Superpark and let me tell you, these guys like margaritas.

The sun was out for most of the day. However, right as I was informed that lightning was spotted not too far from Mt. Bachelor, I got onto the lift with Eamon Rubira, only to realize he was carrying a propane tank for the barbeque at the Seven Springs channel hip. Not ideal. We made it out alive and right as the sun hit high noon, a heavy session began on the hip just in time for Superpark 17: The Webcast. This may have been one of the gnarliest sessions I have ever seen in real life. The Mindnich brothers once again provided a solid offering, lapping the hip countless times with back rodeo Taipans from Hans and huge front 360 stalefishes from Nils. Garrett Warnick landed an impressive back seven, along with a smooth back five melon to crystal method. Kim-Rune Hansen was destroying, along with Charles Reid, Annie Boulanger, Sam Taxwood, Austen Sweetin, Zach Normandin, and little Red Gerard, who all put down serious hammers time and time again. Roope Tonteri—if you saw the Day 1 video, you know this guy is not scared of the gargantuan hip—must have tried a double Michalchuk ten times during the webcast, and right after the it ended, he sent one last try and stomped the shit out of it. If you feel left out because you didn't get to see all the action, tune in into the final webcast at 1:30 PM PST Thursday to watch all the action in real time.

Around 4:30 PM, low flying clouds surrounded the rail section, but the fire was definitely not put out. Sammy Spiteri, Spencer Schubert, Jordan Small, Johnny O'Connor, and Mike Rav were all getting weird on Woodward's urban assembly, but it was Lucas Magoon who charged all day, riding down stairs and inventing new tricks that no one even knew what to call.

Tomorrow is Day 4 and you better believe it is going to be one for the books. Tune in to the live webcast on www.snowboardermag.com at 1:30pm PST and follow @snowboardermag and #Superpark17 on Instagram and Vine for all the updates from Superpark 17, right here at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.


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