words: Mary Walsh and Tanner McCarty
captions: T. Bird

There aren't many places—scratch that, there's no other places—where you can watch Seb Toots, Dylan Alito, Roope Tonteri, and Red Gerard session a hip together; where riders from Videograss, ThinkThank, Déjà Vu, KTC and multiple regional films are all finding lines on a rail plaza at the same time; where the JapMob, Lick the Cat, and the Gremlinz intermingle on hill. Superpark creates this environment, and because of the melting pot of tricks, regions, subcultures, and styles, an overflow of epic riding is produced. The crews are stacked, the tricks are heavy, and whether the riders are lining up to hit a 70-foot jump, or just careening downhill at breakneck speeds through sidehits, the snowboarding at Superpark is unparalleled.

Superpark 17 presented by Gatorade has had all of this and more and Day 4 continued the momentum that has been present all week at Mt. Bachelor. Jeff Hopkins, Scott Vine, Nick Poohachoff and more were throwing down on the Woodward step-up. Jon "Black Mamba" McDonald, who made his way to this year's event by using a crowd-sourcing fundraiser similar to Kickstarter, surely stoked out his constituents today when he stomped a no-grab triple backflip on the jump. The Loon crew added in a late build to the park when they pushed the aptly-named Hell Track, a banked slalom from the top of the lift all the way down to the bottom, filled with road gaps and chunder booby-traps. Riders took to it like wild.

Day 4 was also the final day of Superpark 17: The Webcast presented by Woodward. The first two days of webcasting highlighted those riders who are most comfortable taking on large gaps and sending it to the landing, so the third and final webcast focused on the Woodward jib plaza, a feature with an endless amount of options for the street-saavy. It was time for the riders who prefer concrete and metal to get down. And that, they did. Lucas Magoon was the crowd favorite with his especially unique style of finding tranny in unexpected places, all while looking G as hell. Spencer Schubert let it out with a front blunt 450 gap off the tall flat rail, and a back 270 onto the flat rail to tranny, as well as a couple tricks without a shirt, which drove the ladies commenting on twitter wild. Ozzy Henning was on fire, landing a back blunt 180 switch frontboard gapping from flat rail to up-flat-down. Hans Mindnich and Seth Hill were two of the few snowboarders to dominate during all three sessions of the webcast, and Johnny O'Connor, Ezra Racine, Yuma Abe, Ted Borland, Tyler Lynch, Jonah Owen, and Yale Cousino all killed it. Making the session even better, was a packed crowd who cheered each other on the whole time.

An Oregon thunderstorm shut the session down, but there's one more day to go at Superpark 17, so follow @snowboardermag and #Superpark17 on Instagram and Vine and check www.snowboardermag.com for updates.


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