Superpark 17: The Webcast provided a never-before-seen look at the largest gathering’s of snowboarding’s talent pool as they dropped into features built by Loon Mountain, Seven Springs, and Woodward. With SNOWBOARDER Magazine Senior Editor T. Bird, Java Fernandez and Avert Guldemond delivering sharp banter and insight to go along with the bevy of tricks being displayed, the webcast encouraged viewers to participate in one of the most exciting weeks of the season. Of course, the staff at SNOWBOARDER realizes that not everyone was able to take the afternoon (or early evening, depending on timezone) off to enjoy the webcast in its entirety, so we offer you the replay. Here is the first webcast on Loon Mountain’s 70-foot jump. Enjoy the riding of Sam Taxwood, Red Gerard, Hans Mindnich, and many more at your leisure.