photos: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes, E-Stone, Mike Yoshida, Aaron Blatt, and T.Bird
words: Mary Walsh
captions: T.Bird

May at Mt. Hood can be a roll of the dice when it comes to weather and today, Mother Nature unleashed consistent precipitation that kept the Superpark 18 snowboarders off the slopes. Unfortunately, this meant a down day as the crew huddled in Government Camp and found various avenues for keeping themselves busy (including an impromptu Tittyfish performance in Charlie's with Jamie Lynn and Wes Makepeace). SNOWBOARDER Mag and the few hundred riders here in Oregon are ready for a solid day of riding tomorrow at Mt. Hood Meadows, along with Day 1 of Superpark 18: The Webcast. So, while no new tricks happened today on hill, we have so many photos of the paramount snowboarding that went down yesterday, enjoy a bonus Day 1 gallery and make sure to tune into Superpark 18: The Webcast tomorrow at 1-3pm PST to watch some of the most talented riders out there take on the Woodward Booter Dam step up.

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