words: Mary Walsh
captions: T.Bird
photos: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes, Mike Yoshida, E-Stone, T.Bird, Aaron Blatt, and Danny Burrows

It didn’t seem like early May today at Mt. Hood, where slushy snow blanketed the Mt. Hood Meadows during Day 3 of Superpark 18, but winter tends to rear its head way into springtime in this part of the Cascades. The crew in Government Camp woke up to mixed precipitation, but all it took was a drive to the Meadows parking lot to find slightly colder temperatures and a heap of snow falling from the sky. Unfortunately, high winds forced the closure of the majority of the Superpark zone, but the public lifts were running and riders were lapping through the trees and drops of Meadows, finding stashes of fresh, albeit a bit wet, snow in one of the first times there's been a Superpow day in the Superpark history.

In the early afternoon, the much-anticipated Woodward Brick Slayer rail plaza opened up. Next to the Meadows baselodge, the plaza combines multiple close-outs, an long wallride/creeper combo, a DFD and a host of other options for the Superpark 18 crew to take advantage of. As schizophrenic periods of snow challenged visibility, riders were undeterred and picked apart the set up for the first time. With no warm up, Frank April, Dylan Thompson, Dillon Ojo, Jaeger Bailey, Andrew Brewer, Scotty Vine, Shaun Murphy, Garrett Warnick, Brandon Reis, Chas Guldemond, and many more started sending it. Seth Hill was lapping the features arguably faster than anyone else and landed a 50-50 gap to frontblunt 270 from closeout to DFD. Johnny Brady, definitely one of the most fun guys to watch ride, was gapping the closeout and put down both a proper frontboard and frontlip. Kas Lemmens is an animal, and just for everyone's reference, he's goofy. Scot Brown was a standout of the session, laying claim to the wallride in a trick that will undoubtedly make the Day 3 video recap, so stay tuned for that. Up and comers like the Nowamean crew, Trevor Eichelberger, Braden Wheeler, Frank Bourgeois, Nick Guin, and Stefan Krumm were turning heads as well.

As the temperature dropped and the sun began to set, the session slowed, but the take away for everyone in attendance was that the upcoming two days would see plenty of hammers as riders familiarize themselves even more with the Woodward plaza. Make sure to stay tuned to Snowboardermag.com for updates and watch Superpark 18: The Webcast on Saturday, May 10 and Sunday, May 11 from 1-3pm PST to see it all as it happens.

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