photos: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes, Mike Yoshida, Oli Gagnon, E-Stone, Aaron Blatt, and T.Bird
words: Mary Walsh and Garrett Warnick
captions: T.Bird

If you've ever woken up to seven inches of wet, heavy snow in your front yard and covering your car—the kind of wintery slush that makes you walk down the driveway to meet your ride because their four-wheel drive Subaru can't get up the hill—then you're familiar with the expectations the crew at Mt. Hood had when they woke up early on Day 4 to make their way to Meadows. By 8am, as the lifts started moving, it was still snowing and the air was lit up with powder anticipation. Bryan Fox and Iikka Backstrom snagged first chair, crews stacked the lifts, and turns were ripped. Then, by 10:30am, the clouds broke, the sun shone down, and the day was bluebird. Mother Nature had flipped a switch and it was spring once again. Superpark 18 was fully on.

Garrett Warnick, has been handling the Superpark features all week regardless of weather and gave us his run down of Day 4. Take it away, Worm.

"The rain had torched us Superpark riders for the last two days, and as we awoke Saturday morning it appeared to be another shitty day. During the morning coffee, I received a Snapchat from Johnny OC and saw a bluebird day at Mt. Hood Meadows. A typical Mt Hood inversion was in play and Superpark was in full swing yet again. The early morning was dedicated to pow runs and everyone enjoyed it. Frank April was loving the powder, as you could tell by snow beard hanging from his face.

As the day got closer to webcast time everyone started to gather around the Woodward step up. A slew of riders started to destroy the jump. Ben Ferguson was showing that he is definitely one of the legends of our time. Nils and Hans Mindnich were happy to get off the rocks today and sent tricks over the step up with effortless style. Jaeger Bailey was throwing double tail grab 900s. Jeremy Page, Red Gerard, Mitch Richmond, Christian Connors, and Matt Wainhouse all killed it. The webcast was a lot of fun and everyone rode great.

After the webcast, lots of the riders headed back to Govy to dry the socks before the evening rail session started. As the sun went down, we drove back up to Mt. Hood Meadows for round two of the day. The Woodward crew made some changes to the plaza and all the riders were hyped when we showed up. With one hundred riders on the small set up it was a hectic night. The creative minds of Superpark went to work and every inch of the Woodward plaza was ridden. Mike Rav took to the streets with his signature-style handplants and spins. Kas Lemmens destroyed the set up with a variety of gap tricks. Mitch Richmond was bossing out huge methods, Jaeger Bailey was also throwing down crazy lines. The Gremlinz crew was there and left their mark on the plaza; most notable was Magoon with his insane lines, and Tyler Lynch being a boss. MVP of the night goes to Frank April for doing every gap trick possible on the down rail. Also, if he reads this, you're my hero! When the lights shut off, everyone was stoked to head back down the hill. Day 4 was definitely one for the books with epic powder, good jumps, and some rails.”

As Worm said, the webcast session on the Woodward step up was all time. Under bluebird skies, Ozzy Henning, Ben Ferguson, Jeremy Page, Jake Kuzyk, Scott Blum, Frank Knab, Zak Hale, Seth Hill, Tim Humphreys, Seppe Smitts, Morgan "Coonhead" Rose, Sawyer Deen, Sage Kotsenburg, Peetu Piiroinen, and many more were sending it. Scotty Vine, who has been charging all week, commented, "there were definitely some tricks that went down that were super steezy and it was cool to watch. For me personally, I was trying to double cork on a swallowtail board, which probably wasn't the safest thing." Nate Farrell and Colin Langlois were taking doubles runs off the jump too, proving that, yes, they both definitely still got it. And following that, late in the day, a session opened up on the Seven Springs hip, where Werni Stock, Kevin Backstrom, Dustin Craven, Nils Mindnich, Andrew Burns, Nate Farrell,  and Spencer Whiting took care of business. Jake Welch sent the hip quite possibly bigger than anyone has gone yet and Ben Ferguson once again shut down the session, this time with a misty seven stale.

There's one more day left, so stay tuned to for Superpark 18: The Webcast on the Woodward rail plaza tomorrow at 1-3pm PST.