Over the past eighteen years, Superpark has come to define the end of the snowboard season for the most qualified freestyle aficionados in snowboarding: the most pristine park build, crafted by the best snow pushers out there, and sessioned by the top tier of snowboard talent. But in addition to the plethora of riders that attend each incarnation of this annual event, there is a grip of qualified lensmen (and women) who shoulder their packs and take to the snow. Depressions of the shutter button are equally as important as the efforts made by the riders in order to solidify Superpark tricks as moments in history. So to honor both the riding that went down over the past week at Mt. Hood Meadows, as well as the black-clad cameramen who were there to capture it all, we present a Superpark 18 super gallery full of contributor photos. Because if Ben Ferguson hits a massive step up at Superpark and no one is there to photograph it, did it really happen?