words: T. Bird

Every year, the staff of SNOWBOARDER prides itself on our Superpark coverage. Think about it: 300 riders, over two dozen features, sun-up to sundown action and five staff photographers attempting to document the most hectic and progressive week in park riding. It's a lot. Not to mention the turnaround time in today's twenty-four hour, up-to-the-minute web coverage. Usually, we get off the hill around 8pm and have to post the photo gallery, captions and recap by midnight at the latest. To say it's a massive undertaking is itself a massive understatement. That's why we lean so heavily on and covet so greatly the non-staff photographers that attend Superpark. It's impossible to capture everything that's happening all at once on the hill for four straight days, but these talented lensmen aid us in allowing our audience to try to comprehend what it is we are witnessing, so for Superpark 19, our photo staff "Huggy" Hughes and Mike Yoshida have compiled the best images that caught their eye from photographers like Ashley Rosemeyer, Sean Black, Thomas Missert, Gill Montgomery, Kyle Beckmann, Stephan Jende, Reed Weimer, Sam Blazejewski, Alex Lockwood, Drew Smalley, and Tristan Sadler. While the talent usually focuses upon the subject in the photo, take a step back with this gallery and turn your attention to the person taking it, because this is the next generation in snowboard photography, and chances are, you'll be seeing their names in the bottom left corner of our print pages much more often.