words: Mary Walsh
captions: T. Bird
photos: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes, Mike Yoshida, Tom Monterosso, Aaron Blatt, E-Stone, Mark Clavin

Day 2 at Superpark 19 presented by Nexen Tire started before dawn, as a small group of snowboarders including Scotty Vine, Chas Guldemond, Tim Humphreys, Spencer Whiting, Zack Normandin, Taylor Gold, Seth Hill, Matt Williams, and Hans and Nils Mindnich made their way to the top of the Boreal Mountain jumpline on the frontside of Seven Springs. On Sunday afternoon these riders had warmed up on the step-over to channel transfer jump and as everyone else at Springs was still resting from the previous day's efforts, this gang started the morning off with a heavy session as the sun rose over Fayette County in Western Pennsylvania.

It was a classic East Coast spring day, with a cool, crisp morning that gave way to outright sunny, spring heat, and then turned greybird with minute-long rain showers punctuating lift rides and leaving droplets on jackets that evaporated almost instantaneously. Day 1 had kicked off rapidly, with no holds barred boarding from start to finish and while there were definitely sore muscles from the previous day's lapping and hiking, no one showed any wear as the park was populated and sessions developed.

The Seven Springs 75-footer at the bottom of North face saw plenty of action early in the day as Rowan Coultas, Humphreys, Chuck G., Boris Mouton, Scotty Vine, Seth Hill, and more pinned it down the runway. As watching the session is far superior to reading it, stay tuned to Snowboarder.com for the footage dropping in a few days. Once again, riders of all stripes flocked to the Bear Mountain area of the park, where Desiree Melancon, Jamie Nicholls, Scott Blum, Enni Rukajarvi, Seth Hill, Jeremy Cloutier, Max Lyons, Mike Ravelson and more were picking apart the plentiful options as they cruised various lines.

The transitions of the Seven Springs hip drew a session once again during the afternoon, as Erik Leon, Christian Haller, Scotty Vine, Blake Axelson, and Brendan Gerard continued to shut it down. On the front side, Lane Knaack and Ryland West tested out the hitching post at the bottom of the Boreal lane. Mount Snow local Christian Connors guinea pigged Boreal's 30-foot gap to 40-foot downrail with a backlip to fakie, on a swallowtail, riling up everyone that bore witness to the stunt.

Late in the day, as the sounds of candy-coated, unequivocal eighties chart toppers wafted outside from the Foggy Goggle and a pack began to gather on the porch, a who's who of riders that make up the world of fiery internet edits headed into The Streets. Yale Cousino and Luke Haddock were launching hefty disasters on the DFD and Tommy Gesme and Riley Nickerson trained switch backlips. Shaun Murphy was planting proper on the wallride and Jake Devries 50-50'ed the top of the wall to method. Jesse Paul was getting creative on the middle jibs, Brady Lem, Matt "Boody" Boudreaux, Eugene Stancato added to the rail ruckus, along with plenty more from Impaler, Trash League, and ChecktheFeed, media in tow to capture all the action.

As the sun descended behind the trees, Mother Nature rang the buzzer with a sudden downpour, which, though brief, served as a reminder that it was a good time to call it quits and rest up for the upcoming three days.

Day 3 is, of course, tomorrow. Stay tuned to Snowboarder.com for more photos and follow @snowboardermag, @snowboardervideo and #Superpark19 for up to the minute updates from Superpark 19 presented by Nexen Tire.