When the SNOWBOARDER staff sat down to vote on who should be the Superpark Standout for the twentieth anniversary of the year-end event, one name resonated from every individual: Sven Thorgren. At only 21-years-old, this Swedish sensation has emerged the past few seasons and the various stops of the contest circuit. At Superpark 20 at Mammoth Mountain, Sven made it clear that his star is only on the rise as he showed up and casually annihilated the litany of features built by Boreal, Seven Springs, Bear, and Mammoth. Sven opened up the Springs hitching post, catalyzed multiple jump sessions, and stepped to the Boreal step-up, the Mammoth step-over and the Mammoth hip with an unassuming yet dominating presence. Most definitely an individual that lets his riding do the talking, this young Swede destroyer humbly let it be known at SP20–his first time at Superpark, by the way–that he’s very worth watching. And the filmers of Superpark 20 did just that, compiling so much footage of Sven that SNOWBOARDER Video Producer John Cavan put together an edit that showcases just a few reasons why Sven Thorgren is the very deserving Superpark 20 Standout.

Filmed by John Cavan, Mia Lambson, Derek Weimer, Cole Taylor, and Harry Hagan.