Two weeks before the riders arrived and registration began at Superpark 20, the venerable build crew from Woodward Tahoe made the drive from Boreal to Mammoth to begin welding and pushing. Round the clock, day after day leading up to the main event, Matt Melilli, Lane Knaack and the talent heavy staff set up the metal for the upper jib zone and cut transition for the quickly infamous Upper Decker step up. When the attendees arrived, they were met with a bevy of Boreal handiwork on which to unleash and Kyle Kennedy, Jaeger Bailey, Max Lyons, Zach Normandin and more did just that. From the multi-purpose field goal and the single-double transfer rail to the quarter and up and over options of the Upper Decker, the hard work of the Woodward Tahoe diggers was annihilated. Luckily, you’d be hard pressed to find a crew more happy to watch their handiwork get destroyed that these guys. So sit back and enjoy the snowboarding of Walker Murphy, Oliver Dixon, Eric Royce, Eli Lamm, Kyle Kennedy, Matt Larsen, Lane Knaack, Mizzl Adams, Zach Bragdon, Max Lyons, Jeff Harvey, Jaeger Bailey, Zach Normandin, Tim Humphreys, Kyle Mack, Sebbe De Buck, Spencer Whiting, and Sven Thorgen on the Boreal-built features of Superpark 20.