words: Mark Clavin

The morning after the first sunset shoot is normally a slow one, but now that Superpark is of drinking age and has had years of practice, riders sent day three like the late night was nothing. On the third day of Superpark 21, Mammoth’s head builder TJ Dawoud’s said, “Let their be air.” It was by far the gnarliest session I have personally ever seen in snowboarding.

The unveiling of the massive Mammoth Unbound features for the first time this week drew most of the riders to the top of chair 10 as a morning session on the 100+ foot jump transitioned into a midday session on the hip. Appropriately for features that resembled more of an Egyptian temple than a park build, the shredders bold enough to step up to the site respectfully sent it to the gods.

If Mammoth was indeed ancient Egypt, Brock Crouch was the Pharaoh leading the people to the promise land. Guinea-pigging both behemoths, the speed and lines set by Crouch allowed the spring for an epic afternoon. Ethan Morgan, Seb Toots, Sage Kotsenburg, Mikey Ciccarelli, Chris Corning, Benji Farrow, Craig Gouweloos, Halldor Helgason, Tyler Flanagan, Sebbe De Buck, Fridtjof Tischendorf (the backpack king), and many more sent it over a combination of PistenBully cats and filmers for an all-time session that left the host mountain builders speechless, not to mention a large amount of their peers that sat watching every hit.

Japanese phenoms Yuki Kadono and Tomoki Wakita, along with Toby Miller took the hip to it’s mathematical limits, but stay tuned for the following days to see if these mental mathematicians add any more to the equation. #ThePepperVideo star and trending t-shirt inspiration Garret Warnick also had a one hit back three wonder that showed why he is considered a “spirit animal.”

The day wrapped up with Scott Blum, Nik Baden, Austin Hironaka, Pat Moore, Greg Bretz, Chase Josey, Erik Leon, Blake Axelson, Brandon Davis, Red Gerard, and of course, Brock Crouch, airing and planting the quarterpipe on the backside of the mountain. Blum took Oli Gagnon’s Noah Salasnek pro model for a ride and put on a clinic.

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