words: Mark Clavin

Tired bodies lace up soggy boots one last time, filmers and photogs drop cameras and session alongside their friends, and crews link up with new and old buds for one more day of laps. If the rest of the week hasn’t already done it, the final day of Superpark 21 really cements the feeling that everyone is here for the same reason… to spray Pat Moore with a slash and try to win $2,000 by completing the most #Superpark21 #SuperSeekers tasks on Instagram. That probably isn’t the main reason, but more on that later.

As the fog rolled in on the final day of Superpark 21 at Mammoth Mountain, the riders refused to accept a weather day. It was more of a “whether to shred the tranny or the rails” day. The large hips and jumps were closed and riders opted to ride the chair and stick to the features in the trees. Luke Winkelmann, Brock Crouch, Red Gerard, Michael McDaniel, Chris DePaula, and many more cruised through the Boreal and Loon features with dialed lines that could only come from four days straight of navigating through the zones.

Amidst the precipitation, legend Pat Moore and his old east coast instructor, Eamon Rubira, went plant for plant on the Loon quarterpipe. Sebbe De Buck, Halldor Helgason, and Ethan Morgan linked up with non-euro riders and showed them spins on the metric scale while Tyler Lynch, JJ Westbury, Brady Lem, and Timmy Sullivan went mental on metal. We also heard Christian Connors added another trick to the “part for the heart” with a hand plant on a tree that ended up snapping the branch. Too bad the camera battery died!

Everyone finally rolled off hill around 4 p.m. and rested in their rooms until the party was set to start and awards given out. As stated before, $2,000 was to be given out for the rider that completed the most from the #Superpark21 #Superseekers list. While the Superpark Standout and Charger need no explanation besides that they are a coveted crowning from the Superpark staff and attendees for sending it amongst their peers, the #superseekers was a new award.

Listed below are the 21 challenges that Andy Lowe AKA @steveperry had to complete throughout the week to be crowned the #Superseekers champ. (Feel free to keep trying the challenges and post them on Instagram for a chance to be featured on @snowboardermag’s Instagram!)

1. Spray Pat Bridges
2. Spray Scott Blum
3. Spray Pat Moore
4. Spray Valentino Gusseli
5. Plant A Tree
6. Switch Method
7. Shirtless Backflip
8. High-5 A Liftee
9. Five Grabs One Air
10. Dab Off Of A Knuckle
11. POV Follow Cam Lower Dry Creek Snake Run
12. Overhead In The JLA Skatepark Cradle
13. Ollie North
14. Hit Hondo With A Dirty Snowball
15. Karaoke A Song From 1997
16. Squad Goals Group Shot @ The Hot Springs
17. Selfie w/Wooly
18. Selfie w/Shaun White
19. Selfie w/Gooner
20. Selfie w/JP Walker
21. Over/Under Doubles

Full video:

After Andy accepted his award and insulted the techno music being played at the venue, the crowd went wild. Fridtjof Tischendorf was called on stage for the “Super Unknown” award after showing up to Superpark relatively unknown and leaving with everyone in awe of his all out snowboarding style and fashion choice. Brock Crouch rightly took home the “Super Charger” award after not only guinea pigging every feature, but finding his way into every session and setting the bar for riders to reach.

As for the crowning of the “Superpark 21 Standout” Presented by Nexen Tires, the name did not shock a single person in the room. Imposing his style and control on every feature he rode throughout the week, Halldor Helgason was called upon one more time to show up for the crowd. As he ran up on stage amongst beer and drinks being tossed in the air, chants overpowered parts of his acceptance speech and then it got pretty loose. Ask around to hear the full story…

Superpark 21 was one for the books. Amidst a record snowfall year for Mammoth and a heavy amount of returning legends, there is no doubt in our mind that this Superpark will be talked about for a long time to come. We can’t thank the builders from Loon, Carinthia, Mammoth, Seven Springs, and Boreal enough for making the sketches come to life, as well as the sponsors from Nexen Tires, Mammoth, PistenBully, Oakley for making the event possible. Last, but certainly not least, a huge thanks to all the riders that came out for five days of late season riding! We can’t wait to see you all again next year!

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