Superpark 22 At Crystal Mountain Presented By Oakley—Day 3 Photo Highlights

words: Mary Walsh/Mark Clavin
photos: Andy Wright, E-Stone, Mike Yoshida, Oli Gagnon, Mary Walsh, Mark Clavin, Chris Wellhausen

We are going to keep this one short, on account of having to wake up at 4:00am for a sunrise shoot, but you know the drill. Day three of Superpark 22 at Crystal Mountain added some new blood to the mix and as they got a lay of the land, they proceeded to stack clips all over the hill.

Oh, and by new blood… we are referring to quite the legendary group. Jamie Lynn, Dan Brisse, Pat Moore, Bode Merrill, Travis Parker and Erik Leon showed up—along with Max Warbington and Russell Winfield—to take some laps through the setup. The Carnithia lower section was hit in just about every single possible way, and the Diamond Peak crossover once again hosted a solid session. Darcy Sharpe and Mikey Cicarelli led the way throughout the morning with Denver Orr, Dylan Okurowski, and Justin Phipps shutting it down.

We caught up with Pat Moore to see how his recent honeymoon went, and how he feels about now being surrounded by a bunch of dirty snowboarders.

Photo Credit: Mark Clavin
It’s a bird! No, it’s Pat Moore flipping the bird. p: Clavin

So you are coming from Costa Rica?
Yeah. I was on my honeymoon for the last ten days and yeah, it is a trip to go from lying around in beach clothes doing absolutely nothing to attempting to snowboard.

And How many Superparks is this for you?
Oh, it is…I don’t know, I have lost count.
*Editor’s note: It is not that he lost count, he just knocked himself out at his very first Superpark over a decade ago and can’t remember. Pat Bridges had to roshambo with staff members to see who had to call his mom.

But this is your FIRST Superpark as a married man?
Yes. (Laughing)

Is there any difference in your riding now that you are married?
Yeah. I feel like if I got hurt, my wife would kick my ass.

The ass that Chelsie Moore will kick. Pat Moore. p: Clavin

How do you like our latest host, Crystal Mountain?
The mountain is incredible. I really want to come back on a pow day here as well. Insane. Just the whole terrain and the scenery here with Rainier in the background on some of the back bowls. The experience driving up here and riding was insane. Seems like a pretty rad place.

What keeps you coming back to Superpark year after year?
Uh… I have no idea. Lapping with Bridges? I don’t know.

Will you be at the sunrise shoot tomorrow morning at 4:30am?
(Laughs) What? No.

23 PatMoore TravisParker Superpark22 ChrisWellhausen 03
Pat Moore and Travis Parker. p: Wellhausen

You heard it here first. Stay tuned for plenty more coming out of Crystal this week, including the sunrise shoot going down tomorrow morning while Pat Moore is sleeping. Goodnight.

To see the rest of the action on the day, watch the video from day two and three when it dropping soon!

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