Superpark 22 At Crystal Mountain Presented By Oakley—Day 5 Photo Highlights

words: Mary Walsh/Mark Clavin
photos: Andy Wright, E-Stone, Mike Yoshida, Oli Gagnon, Mary Walsh, Mark Clavin, Chris Wellhausen

Solid photos from the last day of Superpark 22! We don’t suggest swiping through while driving, but we do suggest viewing while eating a slice of pizza. That is what we are doing at least, and the combo is pretty nice. Go ahead, it is worth the calories.

190503 crystal pat_moore
DM Pat Moore on Instagram if you want an invite to Superpark 23. p: Oli Gagnon

As the Chinook Express at Crystal Mountain, Washington started turning at nine, Pat Moore, Grant Giller, Sy Moran, Benji Farrow, Asher Humphreys, Sean FitzSimons and Valentino Guseli were lined up ready to head on hill to kick off the day on the Seven Springs step over in the belly of Campbell Basin. The final day of Superpark 22 presented by Oakley was bluebird and beautiful and this small crew of high altitude aficionados started things off by soaring high above the Washington treetops. Giller dropped into the 77-foot jump and landed neatly in the sweet spot, eliciting cheers from a pro-studded peanut gallery and kicking off a session that lasted all morning.

190429 superpark22 crystal mt wright 710
Grant Griller swimming in blue. p: Andy Wright

Just after lunchtime, the Village transfer jump again lit up as Jadyn Chomlack and Justin Phipps, both barely old enough to legally drive cars, decided to double down on a criss-cross send of the transfer, with Jadyn heading rider’s right-to-left and Justin stepping down from left-to-right. Timing synched, the duo passed in the air barely too-close-for-comfort and rode away, sufficiently closing down the jump for the week. On the right side, Pat Moore instigated a right-to-right send over the 90-foot gap with Valentino. Giller immediately joined in and after casually straight airing the kicker, held an impromptu demo, stomping a few tricks as a crowd of onlookers in lawn chairs at the top of the ridge line cheered.

Benny Milam looking at himself in the reflection. p: Clavin

Then it was time for the waterfall gap. Texts from accross the mountain lit up phones to get to the bottom Carinthia zone. Eyeing up the possible feature all week, the Carinthia crew pushed a quick kicker earlier in the morning for the riders enjoyment. Ethan Morgan, Sean FitzSimons, Denver Orr, Benny Milam, and more chose to sail over the water reserve as Dylan Okurowski dammed up the final falls with a few drops of his own.

Ethan Morgan with the bass drop. p: Clavin

Grant Giller made his way over to the falls after helping Ethan Morgan clip up with a massive drop off the Seven Springs deck and over a snowcat. A few cab 540s later, and the riding at Superpark officially came to a close. The only thing left was to hand out the Standout award.

133 Awards Superpark22 Crystal ChrisWellhausen 0027
First you stand out, then you fall down. Grant Giller. p: Wellhausen

At 8:00pm, the remaining riders that hadn’t skipped town to return to the real world gathered at the base lodge for the closing party. Rather cheap resort beer kept everyone stoked as SNOWBOARDER’s Pat Bridges took the stage to thank the builder crews, Crystal Resort for hosting, and announce this year’s Superpark Standout. It was a close call, with a handful of riders standing out in each session, but in the end, it went to the last one on hill, limping his way to the parking lot after a week of ripping. Grant Giller was called on stage, after holding his own in every session, and outshining the rest on the final Seven Springs jump to receive the award. Handmade by Andy Bergin-Sperry and painted by Jamie Lynn, the trophy was truly something to behold. We don’t think Grant will be able to fly back home with it, but that is a problem well worth having.

Congrats again to Grant and thanks to all the riders that came out! Huge thanks to Crystal Mountain for having us and to Seven Springs, Diamond Peak, and Carinthia Mt. Snow for sending out their park crews to build such a fun setup. Superpark 22 was definitely one for the books! Finally, thanks to Oakley Snowboarding, Red Bull and Ikon Pass for the support! We can’t wait to see all of you again next year!

There are still more video edits and contributor photos to drop so stay tuned for more from the latest installment of Superpark!

134 MtRainer Superpark22 Crystal ChrisWellhausen 1467
Mt. Rainier. p: Wellhausen

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