r: Gulli Gudmundsson p: Kyle Beckmann

Recap: T-Bird

Holy crap. I preface these paragraphs because today was the type of day that Superpark catalyzes. Yesterday’s bad weather turned to bluebird with non-existent wind (at times) and not a cloud to be seen for the majority of the day.

r: Brandon Cocard P: Thomas Monterosso

Every single feature was sessioned. The wallride was acosted by Superpark legend Scotty Blum. He got coping. That’s all that needs to be said. LNP, Riley Nickerson, Mark Reinenger, Luke Haddock and a few others tried their hand on the wall, but plainly put, Blum, in his all-white suit, tore down the wall.

r: Scott Blum p: E-Stone

The Powder Corp jump below the wall saw some action, but again, all that needs to be said is Scotty Vine. Well, and one-foot front seven. Yeah, it happened, and it was the epitome of awesome. The High Cascade jump saw the likes of Seth Hill, Bjorn Leines, the brothers Warbington, Sam Taxwood, Chelone Miller and more. Airtime was bagged and shots were logged on the beast, and we moved on to a private sunset session on the Seven Springs hip. Scotty Vine, Seth Hill, Danny Garrity, Erin Comstock, and Brandon Cocard shot in the dark until about 9, when we finally called what may be the best Superpark day in recent memory. Check out all the action on the site, and keep checking back daily at snowboardermag.com.

r: Scotty Vine p: Mike Yoshida

r: Jonas Carlson p: Oli Gagnon

r: Bjorn Lines p: Thomas Monterosso

r: Scotty Vine p: Kyle Beckmann

The Media p: Huggy

The Peter Line p: Oli Gagnon

r: Markus Keller p: Huggy

r: Ben Ferguson p: E-Stone

r: Laurent-Nicolas Paquin p: E-Stone

r: Stefan Krumm p: Mike Yoshida

ya boi: Avert Guldemond p: Huggy

r: Scotty Vine p: Huggy

r: Danny Garrity p: E-Stone

James Jackson p: Oli gagnon

r: Peter Line p: Mike Yoshida

r: Seth Hill p: E-Stone

r: Erin Comstock p: E-Stone

r: Sam Taxwood p: Mike Yoshida

r: Brandon Cocard p: E-Stone

Legend: Shawn Farmer p: Huggy