r: Chris Rasman p: T Bird

One of the greatest Superparks in history is officially in the books. Superpark 15 presented by Gatorade packed up and headed home after a day of beautiful weather and insane riding.

r: Bjorn Lines p: Mike Yoshida

First and foremost, let me say this: Terry Kidwell hit the High Cascade hip, and we have the video and photo proof. The High Cascade hip went off, as Peter Line, Chelone Miller, Kidwell, Desiree Melancon, Jeff Kramer, Nate Farrell, Danny Garrity, and Hana Beaman lit up the skies.

r: Stale Sandbech p: T Bird

On the other side of the hill, the “Chairlifter” was going richter. Dozens of lappers sent it off the beast. A grip of double corks went down for a few hours while 10 feet away, Stale Sandbech threw a few Cripplers off the side of the “Kegstand” takeoff to flat. He stomped.

r: Hana Beaman p: E=Stone

Meanwhile, Markus Keller was shutting down the wallride singlehandedly, the rail cube at the bottom went off, and one of the Superpark standouts Stefan Krumm found tranny on the Seven Springs feature the hard way: Rider’s right to the ice wall on rider’s left. Yeah, he went over the cannon. It was ridiculous. All in all, the final day of Superpark 15 presented by Gatorade was one to remember. However, tonight will be one to forget. If you’re in Bend, head to the Summit Saloon in Bend for the official Superpark afterparty.

Birdman p: Kyle Beckmann

SNOWBOARDER would like to thank Gatorade, Mt. Bachelor, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Powder Corp, and Seven Springs for making Superpark 15 a screaming success. See you all next year, and check back daily as we leak more and more Superpark 15 footage.

r: Terry Kidwell p: E-Stone

Oh yeah, did we mention that Terry Kidwell hit the High Cascade hip?

r: Morten Kleivdal p: Kyle Beckmann

r: Peter Line p: Mike Yoshida