r: Jonas Carlson p: Oli Gagnon

Recap: t-Bird

After beautiful skies and sunny weather on Day Two, Superpark 15 presented by Gatorade went a little slower today up on Mt. Bachelor. Gray skies in the morning meant a slow start for the pros in attendance. However, for those lapping the Superpark who work in snowboarding, it meant endless lapping on Bachelor’s seemingly endless natural terrain. Personally, I was stoked on the inclement weather because it gave me a chance to take some much-needed turns.

r: Kyle Lopiccolo p: Oli Gagnon

Toward the afternoon, the weather cleared up and the sun came out long enough to get a session going on the hip and the Powder Corp wallride feature. Dozens of dudes were sending more than half the hip but it was the wallride that got the crowd hollering. Kyle Lopiccolo, Chelone Miller, Mark Reniger, LNP, Scotty Vine, and a handful of others gapped into the massive wall. Reniger was the only rider to get to the top, but before anyone else could give it a go, the fog rolled in and brought with it downpours.

r: Forest Bailey p: Huggy

The park was shut down and swept clean, but rumor has it that the next few days should be a bit better, so make sure to check back for all the action only on snowboardermag.com.

r: Alex Stathis p: Mike Yoshida

R: Riley Nickerson P: Huggy

r: Laurent-Nicolas Paquin p: Aaron Dodds

r: Larry p: Oli

r: Jake Kuzyk p: Huggy

Senior Photographers: Aaron Dodds, Oli Gagnon p: Stone

r: Kyle Lopiccolo p: E-Stone

r: Stefan Krumm p: Huggy

r: Forest Bailey p: Aaron Dodds

r: Tim Humphreys p: Aaron Dodds