Superpark Grease Not Gas

Greasebus 2

R: Eric Jackson P: Cole Barash

Words: T Bird

Let's face it…snowboarding burns a shitload of fuel. Think about it. The drive to the hill, the chairlifts turning all day long, the gas spent in the cats grooming your favorite parks and trails, pinning it on the trail to the jump spot on your sled, generators running all night, and of course, if you are lucky enough, the coveted heli bump. Yes, we're definitely not as eco-friendly as our paddle or push-powered surfing or skateboarding brethren, and that's exactly why we decided to make Superpark® 15 presented by Gatorade a little more friendly to Mother Nature, with the help of The Greasebus.

Greasebus 1

P: Cole Barash

Mike Parziale lives in Portland, Oregon. He grew up in Massachusetts and went to college in New Hampshire for a while. It was in the Granite State that Mike found out that cars could run on waste vegetable oil (actually, it was at Mt. Hood while working at High Cascade Snowboard Camp). Shortly thereafter, Mike moved to Portland and started Grease Not Gas, a small company dedicated not only to converting cars to run on waste vegetable oil, but also to spreading the good word of grease. Mike is one of the smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and when he heard that we would be hosting Superpark® 15 at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, Mike hit us up to offer his free shuttle services to the riders and industry-ites attending the event. So, Mike will be there, and we at SNOWBOARDER Magazine couldn't be more pleased. Here's what Mike had to say. "I’ll be giving all you riders a bit of cost-free and petroleum-free transportation between Bend and Bachelor. Looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones and launching the bus off the the biggest jump I can find."

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To find out more about The Greasebus and Grease Not Gas, please visit and, and make sure you keep your browser refreshed all next week, because is going to be chock-full of the most exclusive Superpark® 15 content you've ever seen.