The Superpark Movie

In preparation for the return of Superpark presented by Oakley to Crystal Mountain next week, we thought we would repost The Superpark Movie in full! Part 1 above, A Super Idea, followed by the remaining five below is exactly what you need to get stoked for the upcoming Superpark 22! Keep an eye out for more drops as we prepare for the best riders in the world to make their way to Washington for five days of epic riding!

Part 1: A Super Idea

Part 2: Superpark Standout

Superpark would be nothing more than an indulgent display of frozen monoliths were it not for those esteemed invitees who sack up every year to strap in and send it. As much as every accredited rider has justified their access to Superpark, there will always be a handful of individuals who dig deeper than the rest to emerge as our “Superpark Standout.”

This episode of The Superpark Movie highlights the exploits of Superpark Standouts like Kurt Wastell, Travis Rice and Pat Moore and how this accolade impacted the trajectory of their pro snowboarding careers.

Part 3: The Build

If you build it, they will send it! Episode 3 of The Superpark Movie is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the terrain park scene, the builders. For over two decades, SNOWBOARDER has partnered with the best of the best when it comes to making others look better. From Mike Parillo painting with a Pisten Bully brush on the Big White canvas in 1997, to Matt Mallili and the Boreal park staff redefining the definition of a step-over in Mammoth last Spring, the icons who design and build the Superpark features year after year are as instrumental to the progression of our sport as any uber pro putting a new twist on an old trick.

Push play and enjoy the look back at all the epic jibs, jumps, transitions and setups that have made this gathering so “Super” and the artisans who have made this arena so memorable. Featuring the features of Mammoth, Breckenridge, Whistler, Keystone, Lake Louise, Park City, Bear Mountain, Loon, Seven Springs, Mt Bachelor, Mtn High, Big White, HCSC and Dodge Ridge.

Part 4: The Community

The riders who make the annual pilgrimage to Superpark each Spring defy stereotype. Standing side by side at the drop in of any given Superpark session are icons and up and comers, jibbers and jumpers, film pros and podium regulars, home grown heroes and passport carrying journeymen alike. This eclectic crew of hyper talented and immensely creative individuals have found common ground as a part of the Superpark tribe.

Stoke and smiles somehow go hand in hand with a send it attitude as everyone rises to the opportunity to push their own boundaries on the best manmade freestyle terrain ever constructed! Great tricks and good times rule the day and with every bar raising feat on the hill, there seems to be a low brow exploit to match it off. This episode of The Superpark Movie is dedicated to the laughter that bookends the cheers and the speechless awe and the bonds that they all combine to create.

Part 5: Superpark 22

20 years later and the return to the annual Superpark is still an unrivaled event for legends, up-and-comers, and media alike! You have seen the history, the build, and a celebration of the community that make Superpark what it is. Now join Mike Ranquet, Chad Otterstrom, and the rest of the crew talking about Superpark 20, at Mammoth Mountain!

Part 6: Greatest Hits

The Superpark Movie Episode 6: Greatest Hits highlights riding from the countless legends that have graced the inruns of Superpark over the past 20 years. As Superpark 22 fast approaches, take a look at the insane antics and fearless feats that have come before.

Whether it was Kurt Wastell’s record breaking jump on the Bezerker, or Ben Ferguson’s boosted method that plays on repeat on computer screens across the world, Superpark has always pushed the limit resulting in almost too many “greatest hits” to choose from. The last episode of The Superpark Movie features Travis Rice, Pat Moore, Andrew Hardingham, Danny Kass, Mikkel Bang, Scott Stevens, Sven Thorgren, Scott Vine, Scott Blum, Big Mike, Halldor Helgason, Jake Welch, Lucas Magoon, Dylan Thompson, Ben Ferguson, Roope Tonterri, Jeremy Jones and many more.

Be on the lookout for more from Superpark 22 dropping soon!

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