The last matchup in the quarterfinals of the Superpark® 15 Video Showdown presented by Gatorade has two top contenders dueling to take one step closer to the $5,000 first place prize. Despite the fact that over 5,000 visitors have voiced their opinions to date via the "Like" style voting, we still feel compelled to recap the process by which you can decide the fate of one of these two Superpark® 15 filmmakers. Below each video featured here is an icon which presents an opportunity to "Like" the corresponding submission. Simply click the "Like" button for the edit you prefer. Voting will end 7/22/11 at 5PM PST.

This contest has ended and the “Like” buttons have been disabled. You can watch the vids at 300 pixels wide, or click the icon and watch them full screen once the video starts

Venice, California-based Arbor Snowboards is most notably known for the bamboo that their boards are constructed from, but after this edit, they'll hopefully recognized for more than simply bamboo by the core. As arguably the strongest team to show up to Superpark® 15 (including DC and CAPiTA), Arbor's riders tore apart every feature from dusk 'til dawn. From Cody Boan lapping the jump line to Chelone Miller sending it off the HCSC 100-footer, and Sean Black mini-shredding some of the most creative lines at Bachelor and Mark Reininga taking down the massive wallride, Arbor's all-around showing is worthy of a few "Likes." Oh, and then there's Scotty Vine, whose on-hill exploits earned him the Gatorade "Go All Day" Superpark® 15 Standout award. His one-footed antics and destruction of every single feature at Superpark® allowed the staff of SNOWBOARDER to unanimously crown him the overall best rider that showed up to Mt. Bachelor. Check out Arbor's edit and if you deem it fit to advance to the next round, all you have to do is click the "Like" link underneath the video.

Though they may officially produce media under the Veeco Productions Moniker, there is no mistaking that classic Volcom style. Low-fi DIY documenting of insane shredding is what has made flicks like The Garden, Subjekt Haakonsen, and 9191 instant classics. In just 3 minutes and 20 Seconds, this video may encapsulate the best of what went down at Superpark® 15. From Farmer rapping at the awards, to Blum straight-arming the wall, to Ruiki imbibing edibles, high times were had by all. Too bad there isn’t a “love” button below because sometimes “like” just doesn’t cut it.

About Superpark Showdown
The Superpark® Showdown is presented by Gatorade. This interactive contest is a weekly video faceoff where two Superpark edits go head to head with the victor being decided by you, the viewer. The entry that receives the most votes each week advances to the next round. All told, there are 16 film companies in contention, each with hopes of advancing all the way to the end of the brackets where they will receive the $5,000 grand prize courtesy of Gatorade. Keep coming back to daily to support your favorite vids.