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With the 2011 Superpark® Showdown presented by Gatorade set to begin on Sunday we are currently seeding the videos within the brackets in order to determine which edits will be facing off head to head in hopes of making it thru each round to win the $5,000 first place prize. Since only 16 videos can be included in the first round SNOWBOARDER has created a last chance qualifier to determine which of the last three videos entered will receive the 16th spot in the brackets.

SNOWBOARDER posted three edits on our Facebook page and whichever one receives the most “Likes” will be granted the final spot in the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown. The likes will be tallied on Monday June 13th at 9AM PST so get to our Facebook page and “like” your favorite edit.

Click the links below to see the specific edits.

Sentury Snowboards
The first edit in contention for the Last Chance Qualifier spot in the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown comes from Nick Khatter and Sentury Snowboards out of Tahoe. Nick has taken the unique approach of adding a humorous narrative to his entry. If you feel Nick and Sentury deserve the final Superpark® Showdown spot then feel free to go to the video and “like” it.

Eli Weiner
The next contender traveled all the way to Mt Bachelor from Southern California. Former Snowboarder intern and current Arbor Team Rider Eli Weiner spent much of last winter on the DL. He still rallied to Oregon to support his friends at Superpark@ 15. His edit is solid with the usual highlights as well as an elusive sighting of Curtis Woodman and an astounding clip of Arbor’s Brad Farmer tackling the HCSC booter. If you feel Eli Weiner deserves the final Superpark® Showdown spot then go to the video and “like” it.

Figure 8
The final contestant in the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown LCQ is Kelson Mcclung and Figure8productions. Unlike every other entry, Kelson chose to focus his filming on just one rider. The subject of Kelson’s short was Stefan Krumm, an unsponsored shred from Washington who received his Superpark® 15 wildcard spot from his performances at the Holy Oly and The Launch. Krumm is loose to say the least. When it comes to boardin’ his bravado takes point for his brain. In turn his style is compelling. While not as polished or diverse as other Superpark® Showdown submissions Kelson and Krumm’s colab isn’t without it’s simplistic charms. If you are so inclined to root for the underdog then go to the video and “like” it to help Kelson Mcclung dart his way into the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown.