The final battle in the Superpark® 15 Video Showdown presented by Gatorade was nothing short of a nail biter. Early on Eastern Boarder and Colton Feldman's Keep The Change pulled ahead with a demanding lead. A surprising feat when the competition is the illustrious Volcom with Jake Price behind the camera. Jake must have been planning a sneak attack because on the final day of the showdown, Volcom rallied their troops and pulled ahead, making the last moments of the Showdown very interesting. At the wire Facebook exploded with Showdown propaganda. Volcom encouraged their 1,443,350 followers to vote while Keep The Change had homies blasting the word out. In the end Volcom's Shawn Farmer coated visuals were trumped by the video with some of the most riding in a single edit of the Showdown. With a total of 3,674 "likers" clicking in, Keep The Change came away on top by a mere 18 votes… Volcom with 1,828 likes and Keep The Change with 1,846. So congratulations to Colton Feldman, he does in fact get to “keep the change” on this one, walking away with $5,000.

Keep The Change winning edit