Superpark Sunday Showdown

The last round between Videograss and NuuLife came down to the wire. But when the final votes were tallied, the official winner who will move on to the next round and take one step closer to $5,000 was NuuLife. And now that it's said and done, on to the next round between Play Big Productions and Will local status prevail over hype? You decide.

Week 10.5 is now upon us and we have two more Superpark Sunday Showdown contenders, with Play Big Productions going head-to-head against Vote for your favorite video and help them advance to the next round and potentially win $5,000 compliments of Gatorade. Voting is allowed each day, so check back to make sure your favorite is winning. Voting will end 8/20/10 at midnight.

Play Big VS Helgasons


Play Big

You can watch the vids at 300 pixels wide, or click the icon and watch them full screen once the video starts. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite video.

What’s your thoughts about this weeks contenders?


Play Big Productions
What Play Big may lack in hype, they make up for with their local status, and you know for a fact that every single die-hard shredder in the greater Mono County area will be casting their vote in order to help Play Big move on to the next round, however, they face a tough opponent in Johannes Brenning and his Eurobot squad, and giving up 42% of the votes to Dump 'Em last round, they're gonna have to step it up a notch against this new crew. As the official film company of Mammoth's Unbound Park Greg Weaver and his Play Big associates have the home hill advantage when it comes to the Superpark Sunday Showdown. Yet despite the logistical advantages that this could yield, their offering is a no frills account of Superpark 14. In other words, the dolly cams and after effects have been tossed aside, leaving the trickery in the hands of the riders themselves. Multiple 1260's and a standout Centipede annihilation by Haldor Helgason are among the more memorable moments of this video. As for the soundtrack, well, lets just say that it is in keeping with the Animal House theme and any song that includes the line "it's not gonna be an orgy, it's a toga party" can't be all bad.
By this point, it's clearly obvious that the brothers Helgason are one of the favorites to take the overall prize, but don't ever underestimate the power of social media when it comes to online voting. Oh, wait. The Helgasons have one of the largest online followings of any blog in cyberspace, and they made a showing in the Helgasons' landslide victory over 4 Reel. Johannes Brenning might not have his name on the URL but he has left his mark all over As the primary filmer for Eiki and Halldór, Johannnes spent last season documenting their every antic. That journey brought him to Superpark 14 alongside Halldór. This video is one of the most anticipated Superpark Sunday offerings of the entire Showdown because of not just the hype around Halldór but also because they were ambitious enough to actually release a teaser for this edit two months ago! So sit back, better make it full screen by clicking the up left and down right arrows below and turn up the volume. Oh and the baja pullovers are DC's tribute to Cinco Dé Mayo as are the cerveza's. And the throwing up in the trees? That's how you know it is May 6th!

About Superpark Sunday Showdown
The Superpark Sunday Showdown is presented by Gatorade. This interactive contest is a weekly video faceoff where two Superpark edits go head to head with the victor being decided by you, the viewer. The entry that receives the most votes each week advances to the next round. All told, there are 16 film companies in contention, each with hopes of advancing all the way to the end of the brackets where they will receive the $5,000 grand prize courtesy of Gatorade. Keep in mind that only one vote a day will be counted per viewer, per browser, so keep coming back to daily to support your favorite vids.