Superpark Sunday ShowdownThere you have it. With the final vote cast in the first round of Superpark Sunday Showdown, will now join Rubbish Heap, Nuulife Cinema, Play Big Productions, Video Gypsy, Matt Roberge, Think Thank and Videograss in the quarterfinals. Since all videos have been shown in their entirety for a full week already, SNOWBOARDER will now be hosting two separate Showdowns each week with the first bout occurring from Sunday to Tuesday and the second going down from Wednesday to Friday. Other than the abridged schedule, the Showdown is still an edit vs. edit top-vote-getter takes all affair.

Week 9 is now upon us and we have two more Superpark Sunday Showdown contenders, with Rubbish Heap going head-to-head against Video Gypsy. Vote for your favorite video and help them advance to the next round and potentially win $5,000 compliments of Gatorade. Voting is allowed each day, so check back to make sure your favorite is winning. Voting will end 8/10/10 at midnight.

Rubbish Heap VS Video Gypsy winner

Video Gypsy

Rubbish Heap

You can watch the vids at 300 pixels wide, or click the icon and watch them full screen once the video starts. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite video.

What’s your thoughts about this weeks contenders?

Rubbish Heap
With a rout of those rotor-equipped documenters from the NW, YKWII, Rubbish Heap advanced out of the first round with a last minute rally. For those of you not in the know, Rubbish Heap represents the vision of filmer Jake Zalutsky. For years, Zalutsky has been a staple in the snow film scene, and since signing on with Flow, has had a hand in producing their team videos, such as last year's offering Bad Reputation. The all black-and-white documentary style film showcased the Flow team on the road for six weeks, but Jake's edit in this showdown is strictly from Superpark and not necessarily focused solely on his regular roster. Featuring: 2010 Winter Olympics bronze medalist Scotty Lago, Shane Fortier, Brandon Reis, Jeremy Thompson, Graham Hoffman, Kade Madsen, Chas Guldemond, Lonnie Kauk, Torgir Bergeim and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy Zalutsky's edit and bask in the satisfaction that you are seeing the first and only time a Will Smith song will ever and has ever been featured in a snowboard edit.
Welcome to Mammoth.
 Bienvenido a Mammoth.

Video Gypsy

Video Gypsy reamed Snowboard Realms to take the first Superpark Sunday match all the way back in early June. Now that all sixteen edits have been shown and half as many sent to the sidelines, it will be interesting to see whether or not Video Gypsy still has the mojo to move ahead of the pack. If you've never heard of Buddy Back 7 or Johnny Frontflip then you're not alone. SNOWBOARDER checked the Superpark credentialed riders list and couldn't find them there either. It wasn't until we Googled said names that we realized that Nick Khater–the auteur behind Video Gypsy–pulled an Ellis Island and just used whatever titles he felt like to denote the riders. This means that you'll have to do some sleuthing to figure out that Buddy Back 7 at 1:02 is actually Marc Swoboda or Johnny Frontflip at 1:59 is actually Ted Borland. While your sleuthing you might want to look up Shakira's video for the song "Gypsy" where her pouty lips are put to good use as she bares her navel while baring her harmonica playing soul!

About Superpark Sunday Showdown
The Superpark Sunday Showdown is presented by Gatorade. This interactive contest is a weekly video faceoff where two Superpark edits go head to head with the victor being decided by you, the viewer. The entry that receives the most votes each week advances to the next round. All told, there are 16 film companies in contention, each with hopes of advancing all the way to the end of the brackets where they will receive the $5,000 grand prize courtesy of Gatorade. Keep in mind that only one vote a day will be counted per viewer, per browser, so keep coming back to daily to support your favorite vids.