Superpark Showdown: Variety Pack vs NuuLife Cinema

Superpark Sunday Showdown We are halfway through round 1 of the Superpark Sunday Showdown brackets and three of the four completed challenges have come right down to the closing clicks. With over 50 comments, thousands of views and vocal supporters from both coasts declaring their allegiances, it was a battle to the finish. However, in the end, it was Matt Roberge who took the cake, inching ahead in the final moments. This proves that unlike a ballot cast for the presidency or other important offices your Superpark Sunday Showdown vote counts. If you see a video that gets you hyped, make sure to check back every day and show support to the crew who blew your hair back. Filmers will thank you for it and in the case of Matt Roberge, they'll even buy you a beer

Week 5 is now upon us and we have two more Superpark Sunday Showdown contenders, with Variety Pack going head-to-head against NuuLife Cinema. Vote for your favorite video and help them advance to the next round and potentially win $5,000 compliments of Gatorade. Voting is allowed each day, so check back to make sure your favorite is winning. Voting will end 7/9/10 at midnight.

Variety Pack VS NuuLife winner

NuuLife Cinema

Variety Pack

You can watch the vids at 300 pixels wide, or click the icon and watch them full screen once the video starts. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite video.

What’s your thoughts, who’s going to take it this week?

Variety Pack
With a name like Eddie Grams, you'd think his occupation would involve weighing powder rather than filming snowboarders riding it, but this Salt Lake local has made a push in winters prior as one of the most promising up-and-coming HD hype-men in the game by producing videos like Variety Pack's newest release The Leak. In this edit, witness Heikki Sorsa's Superpark debut, Jason Robinson getting rad in plaid, Zak Hale's underage exploits, Ben Bilocq's unannounced annihilation, Halldór Helgason's all-natural knuckledragging, Ted Borland's man transfer, and a special segment featuring Brandon Hammid at the Roxy Chicken Jam. Action-packed with all the angles, Grams's Superpark offering is sure to please.

NuuLife Cinema
There are a few things Canadians do well: Hockey, binge drinking, donning denim, cooking bacon, road tripping with their shirts off, and snowboarding. The latter of that list is especially relevant to the Nuu Life crew. Making the trek to Mammoth all the way from our neighbor to the north, Nuu Life rolled into Superpark and documented their week down to the minute. Featuring riders like Jody Wachniak, Dustin Craven, Andrew Geeves, Rusty Ockenden, Kevin Griffin, Adam Chuntz, Eric Willett, Mark McMorris, Torgir Bergeim, Robby Balharry, Kael Hill, Eman Anderson, Matt Belzile and many more, Nuu Life gives you a glimpse into these carving Canucks week in Mono County; that is, until they end up in a seaside pokey. But hey, when you leave a gathering that has no rules, adjusting to life on the outside can be a tough task.

About Superpark Sunday Showdown
The Superpark Sunday Showdown is presented by Gatorade. This interactive contest is a weekly video faceoff where two Superpark edits go head to head with the victor being decided by you, the viewer. The entry that receives the most votes each week advances to the next round. All told, there are 16 film companies in contention, each with hopes of advancing all the way to the end of the brackets where they will receive the $5,000 grand prize courtesy of Gatorade. Keep in mind that only one vote a day will be counted per viewer, per browser, so keep coming back to daily to support your favorite vids.