Superpark Showdown: Videograss vs Amane Ohta

Superpark Sunday Showdown Week 6 of The Superpark Sunday Showdown proved that you can't come into Play Big's house and think you'll dominate. Greg Weaver and his Mammoth-based Big Play Productions sent Dump Em back to Tahoe with just 42% of the votes. Looks like the Loonie Bean was the place to be this week as Weaver and his constituents put in overtime ensuring that their entry would advance. This is no surprise considering riders like Tyler Flanagan were sending out personal email blasts supporting the cause. Just another example of how a sick edit and ingenuity will take you far in The Superpark Sunday Showdown.

Week 7 is now upon us and we have two more Superpark Sunday Showdown contenders, with Videograss going head-to-head against Amane Ohta. Vote for your favorite video and help them advance to the next round and potentially win $5,000 compliments of Gatorade. Voting is allowed each day, so check back to make sure your favorite is winning. Voting will end 7/30/10 at midnight.

Videograss VS Amane



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What’s your thoughts, who’s going to take it this week?

With a crew more known for urban assaults and backcountry exploits than inbounds antics, Videograss called up their industry reserves for this offering. With a pedigree of upside down stunts born out of boredom in the Big Bear park, Lance and Mike Hakker took to Mammoth's Chair 14 with reckless abandon and little regard for personal style or safety. Two other men, one part Mexican and part Indian, the other part Mexican and part Canadian join the brothers Hakker in their quest to prove that the behind-the-scenes players can still hold it down. The final product leaves one wondering how Chas Guldemond could have beaten Oli Gagnon for the Superpark Standout title. On a side note, both of Videograss's two filmers, Sean Mccormick and Jan Snarski, edited up submissions for this contest and let the Videograss riders themselves vote on which of the two edits to submit. This edit is the one produced by Jan Snarski, we believe. For the record, Java Fernandez had clips in both edits.

Amane Ohta
Not only do the Japanese make good video cameras they also make good video camera users. This week, Mammoth's own Amane Ohta brings us his edit which includes High Sierra staples like Tyler Flanagan and Lonnie Kauk alongside Seven Samurai standouts Takaharu Nakai, Takahiro Ishida, Shota Suzuki, Fumiyuki Murakami and Daisuke Murakami. Despite using a rip-roaring rendition of Redman's Light It Up as the soundtrack and perhaps the most compelling angle of Jeremy Thompson over-shooting the Centipede, this video is best summed up as "Superpark 14 from the knuckle." Also, be warned that the music doesn't fully kick in until about 30 seconds into the edit.

About Superpark Sunday Showdown
The Superpark Sunday Showdown is presented by Gatorade. This interactive contest is a weekly video faceoff where two Superpark edits go head to head with the victor being decided by you, the viewer. The entry that receives the most votes each week advances to the next round. All told, there are 16 film companies in contention, each with hopes of advancing all the way to the end of the brackets where they will receive the $5,000 grand prize courtesy of Gatorade. Keep in mind that only one vote a day will be counted per viewer, per browser, so keep coming back to daily to support your favorite vids.