Announcing The Official 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown Brackets

Welcome to the Official 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown presented by Gatorade Brackets. This interactive contest is a bi-weekly video faceoff where two Superpark® 15 edits from this past Spring at Mt. Bachelor, OR go head-to-head with the victor being decided by you the visitor. The entry which receives the most Facebook “Likes” each round advances. The videos will be posted side by side on and each will have its own Facebook “Like” button attached to it for voting.

All told there are 16 filmmakers in contention, each with hopes of advancing all the way to the end of the brackets, where they will receive the $5,000 grand prize courtesy of Gatorade. The 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown begins Sunday the 12th of June, 2011 and continues until the first week of July with two Showdowns taking place each week until we arrive at the best edit from Superpark® 15 as decided by you.

Week 1 Wrapup:
The first full week of the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown presented by Gatorade is now completed and we have two film crews advancing to the quarterfinals where they will face off against each other on July 10th, 2011. In this first matchup, a majority of viewers didn't "Like" Think Thank's down-to-earth entry which used over-the-top editing to highlight some
low impact antics. In turn, Canada's NuuLife produced more "Likes" than a Valley Girl spotting Scott Baio backstage at a Go-Go's concert in '82. The second Showdown of Week 1 put the high-falutin' skills of RC Aerial Cam with their remote control heli against Bend local Sam Tuor. Despite producing some of the most dramatic imagery of Superpark® 15, the faithful found RC's music "unlikeable" and gave their approval en masse to Sam Tuor and his choice of Motorhead for the score.

Week 2 Wrapup:
Week 2 of the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown presented by Gatorade has concluded and two more film crews are moving on to face off in the next round starting on July 13th, 2011. The first bout of the week had the cameramen of Don’t Sleep Productions following the Triple Based boarders of Bataleon as they hipped and hopped around Mt. Bachelor to the beat of Gangsta Rap wannabe’s CB4. Despite rockin’ like Chris Rock DBK, Kyle Lopiccolo, Gulli Gudmundson and the Bataleon gang couldn’t trump Wildcard. With an eclectic crew of Superpark standouts Wildcard stacked the deck and laid down the best tricks of the entire event in a tight, action packed edit. The latter faceoff of Week 2 was equally as compelling with Superpark veterans Sandbox paired up with newcomers Keep The Change. While Sandbox like Bataleon before them kept their edit focused on a tight crew, Keep The Change not only opened up their roster to include anyone who was throwing down but they also took the risk of allowing viewer fatigue by doing a two-song submission. Ultimately it appears that the gamble paid off as Keep The Change garnered more “likes” than Sandbox and has been kept in contention for the $5,000 overall title of the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown presented by Gatorade.

Week 3 Wrapup:
Another weekly bracket of the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown presented by Gatorade has come to an end and two more film crews are advancing to the next round starting on July 17th, 2011. This week commenced by pitting The House against Quiksilver. The narrated and clean approach of The House was no match for Trent Ludwig’s highly stylized Quiksilver offering. After failing to advance out of the first round in last years Showdown Tommy Little’s YKWII came to Bachelor with camera’s in hand looking for redemption. The YKWII partnership with Ride Snowboards at Superpark®15 garnered more recognition than the rookie entry by Big Boulder Park’s Videographer Trip Brown.

Week 4 Wrapup:
The first month of the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown presented by Gatorade is now complete and another duo of Superpark® 16 documenters have proven themselves dominant. On Sunday July 3rd the eco-forward Arbor filmers entered the Showdown arena against the enigmatic Mystery District digi-camers. There was no half-steppin’ in the Arbor edit as one-footers, gap to lipslides and various other keepers clicked with the voting clique. To say LCQ longshots Sentury were underdogs is an understatement. Going up against the auteur behind 9191, one of SNOWBOARDER’s top 3 videos of the year for 2010 is a daunting prospect for any Showdown producer. These last minute entrants gave it the college try though, but Jake Price and Veeco crushed it.

Week 5 Wrapup:
In the first matchup of the quarterfinals all eyes were on 2010 Showdown 2nd placers Nuulife to take one step closer to redemption. Apparently Nuulife’s adversary, Bachelor local Sam Tour, had different plans. While both edits exuded character and next level skills were on display the Canadian Nuulife crew couldn’t usurp Sam Tour’s Tour De Force. The latter part of Week 6 saw the most heated heat of this years Showdown. It was the Northwest versus the Northeast as Jeremy Dubs Wildcard films faced off against Colton Feldman’s Keep The Change. Despite technical difficulties at the onset and a restart happening 36 hours into the matchup, both productions mobilized their supporters en masse. Once the polls closed over 2600 people had weighed in to show their support for their respective scenes. Ultimately it came right down to the wire and though Keep The Change took the win, both edits deserve mad respect.

Week 6 Wrapup:
With a month and a half of matchups concluded the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown presented by Gatorade continues to build momentum with the average number of votes cast in each round continuing to climb. Early in Week 6 we saw YKWII and Ride faceoff against Trent Ludwig and the Quiksilver team. Ultimately Quiksilver edged ahead of YKWII by just 28 “likes.” The final pairing of the quarterfinals was one of the most anticipated contests to date. The illustrious Arbor team including current Superpark Standout Scott Vine and 2009 Gatorade Go All Day recipient Chelone Miller dueled against Veeco Productions Jake Price and the esteemed Volcom Stone squad. While both videos included cameos by Shawn Farmer the rest of the action couldn’t have
been more different. The spontaneous shooting regimen of Jake Price ultimately eclipsed the stylized set up shots of Arbor. That said both edits were awesome and each one’s ender were definite highlights of Superpark® 16.

Week 7 Wrapup:
The semi finals week of the 2011 Superpark® Video Showdown presented by Gatorade was nothing short of a nail-biter. First up was a battle of West VS East with Bachelor local Sam Tour against Colton Feldman’s Keep The Change from Eastern Boarder. Both built quite the support group with some of the most votes we’ve had in a showdown. When it came to the end Keep The Change pulled through on top by a mere 10 votes, advancing him into the final round. The second battle of the week was one of the most anticipated with Quiksilver’s Trent Ludwig fighting against Volcom and Veeco Productions’ Jake Price. Each brand used their social outlets to rally their troops in a fight to the finish. But when it was all said and done Volcom squeaked by Quiksilver, moving Price’s edit into the finals. Sunday will be the the start of the David VS Goliath battle between Keep The Change and Volcom for the $5,000 and bragging rights. Check back to help your favorite come out on top.

Here's the official list of video producers who'll be competing in the Superpark Video Showdown.
1. NuuLife Cinema
2. Think Thank
3. RC Aerial Cam
4. Sam Tour
5. Bataleon Snowboards
6. Wildcard
7. Keep The Change
8. Sandbox
9. The House
10. Quiksilver
11. Trip Brown
12. Ride Snowboards
13. Arbor Snowboards
14. Mystery District
15. Volcom
16. TBD: Last Chance Qualifier