Photos: Nathaniel Harrington
Words & captions: Drew Amer

The fourth stop of the 2012 Superpass Series was held this past weekend at Powder Ridge in Minnesota. Mike Wiener and the crew at Powder Ridge put together a great course setup, with three designated zones. Zone One consisted of a 25 foot jump and a long down rail. Zone Two featured a larger, 45 foot jump, along with a pole jam. Zone Three was a perfectly sculpted right sided hip.

The Minnesota snowboard scene is predominately known for its rail riding. A contest like Superpass, where jumping is the main focus and the top prize is an invite to Superpark, takes riders out of their rail-jam comfort-zone. With a strong presence of younger riders at this years Powder Ridge Superpass stop, its apparent that the next generation of Minnesota snowboarders are not afraid to step up to big air.

Longtime Bald E-Gal rider Ezra Jacobson made an appearance to show the kiddies how it’s done. With smooth cab 5s and some of the biggest airs on the hip, Ezra set the bar for the rest of the competitors. Joey Peterson came in 3rd place, with a multitude of unique grabs on both the pole jam and the hip. Erik Overson’s frontside 7 on the big jump and front flip off the pole jam landed him in 2nd place. 1st place went to Matt Hiemstra. With huge barrel rolls off of the pole jam, and several rodeo variations on the hip, Matt proved that he has cojones needed to ride with some of the best snowboarders in the world at Superpark 16.

At the end of the day, every competitor walked away smiling due to good times and free products from CAPiTA Snowboards, Union Bindings, Spy Optics, and High Cascade Snowboard Camp. Thanks again to everyone involved!

Complete Results:

1. Matt Hiemstra 11.65

2. Erik Overson 10.30

3. Joey Peterson 10.10

4. Cory Franzwa 8.90

5. Ezra Jacobson 8.50

6. Dan Amunoson 7.25

7. John Busche 6.95

8. Derek Buettner 6.30

9. Eric Franzwa 6.20

10. Connor Kingmar 5.40

11. Max Helm 4.50

12. Drake Johnson 4.40

13. Aeron Ashbrook 3.60

14. Chance Stein 3.20

15. Wyatt Smith 1.80

16. Noah Hedlund 0.70