Superpass 2012: Sierra at Tahoe Recap


Photos: Kyle Beckmann
Words & captions: Drew Amer

This past Sunday, February 12th, the Superpass Series made its third stop at Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and Sierra-at-Tahoe had more than enough snow to put together an amazing course. Tahoe’s best showed up to battle it out for an invite to Superpark 16.

Divided into three zones, Zone 1 featured two jibs; a flat-to-down rail and a large pole jam. Both features were situated on a 6 foot high step-down platform, which allowed competitors to either gap to the down portion of the rail, or send it off the pole jam. Zone 2 featured a perfectly sculpted 55 foot jump, where some of the more technical tricks of the Superpass Series thus far were put down. Zone 3 was a large hip, which could be hit either as a right-sided hip, or could be taken deep to the backside. It was a perfect setup for Superpass, built by one of the best terrain park crews in the country.

As the contest got underway, the competitors quickly made it apparent that Tahoe riders mean business. The field was stacked, and people were throwing down right out of the gate. Some highlights would include the inverted spinning mastery of local hero Jack Lyle, huge switch backside 720s and 900s by Renji Ueno, and cab 540s by female standout LeJawn Allen.

The Geisen brothers Nick and Chris were pushing each other and the rest of the competitors all day. With solid 720s on the jump and huge airs on the hip, Nick found himself in third place. Scott Hoffman was consistent all day and ended up in second place, highlighted by a multitude of 270 variations on the Zone 1 rail.

In the end, it was the death-defying stunting of Jordan Nield that earned a first place finish, along with an invite to Superpark 16. With several spin variations onto the rail, deep airs on the jump, and multiple double backflip attempts over the hip, Jordan had the crowd and competitors alike cheering. After a double backflip attempt that resulted in a binding malfunction, most competitors would have called it quits. Jordan simple got back on the lift, kept his back leg unstrapped, and rode his third and final run one-footed. That was more than enough proof to the judges that the man was deserving of a spot at Superpark 16.

Huge thanks to Sierra-at-Tahoe for building an amazing course and executing a flawless event. As always, please support the brands that make the Superpass Series possible: Capita, Union, Spy, and High Cascade Snowboard Camp. See you next weekend, Sunday February 26th, at Powder Ridge in Minnesota.

Final Results
1. Jordan Nield – 11.05
2. Scott Hoffman – 10.95
3. Nick Geisen – 10.8
4. Rob Hallowell – 10.05
5. Renji Ueno – 9.9
6. Jack Lyle – 9.8
7. Jeremy Page – 9.35
8. Chris Geisen – 9.35
9. Ryan Linnert – 9.2
10. Marco Gooding – 9.2
11. Eric Royce – 9.05
12. Liam Loftis – 8.95
13. LeJawn Allen – 8.75
14. Anthony Corbo – 8.75
15. Matt Jones – 8.6
16. Jared Johnson – 8.5
17. Manuel Parada – 7.6
18. Dusty Allen – 7.3
19. Alexandra Morris – 6.75
20. Michael Kelly – 6.25
21. Tomas Orol – 6.25
22. Casey Stokes – 5.6
23. Dylan Quintana – 5.3
24. Daniel Robinson – 5.3
25. Ryan Brim – 5.3
26. Cosmo Murphy – 2.3