Did you know that if you rearrange the letters of "Snowboarder Magazine" you can spell "Justin Beiber"? Not really, we just wanted to include those words in the post since he is probably searched on Google all the time. P: Lee Stockwell

Recap: Avert Guldemond (Superpass Event Director)
Captions: Laura Austin

For a large percentage of the population, survival is king over excess and leisure. Millions do anything, by any means just to gather the days pay, and go to bed each night wanting something more. You may ask what can someone do to have all that they desire in life. As one of millions involved in the shred, you may also enjoy the associated lifestyles surfing and skateboarding. In the ideal world much like myself, you may have had the chance at a stay in Southern California. "So Cal" as many refer, is one of the few home bases where in one day you could easily surf, skate and snowboard under sunny skies. What could be better than that!

80% of success is showing up. P: Laura Austin

Leaving and view like San Diego's beautiful Sunset Cliffs earlier this week was far from pleasurable, but I knew that just two hours away lay a stunning new area I had never graced. Big Bear Lake, California, located just to the northeast of Los Angeles is home to quite the snowboarding history, and these days under supervision of park guru Clayton Shoemaker, the future is looking brighter than ever. "The Park" at Bear is easily the most popular trail on the mountains, leaving other runs begging for use.

Is that a skier on the chairlift? Those are rare at Bear. P: Mark Imanuel

Nothing new for Bear's resilient park staff, the build for this season's final stop of the Superpass Tour came together with ease. Competitors were seen drooling in anticiapation as they rode the lift over the three jump line, a rare gem at Bear. Holding it down with consistent tricks on all there features in the course, John John Estrella, had third place in his grip. Snagging the best trick of the day and second place, Evan Heckman came through with solid tricks and a strong stomp despite less than ideal conditions. Finalizing the day with smile that said it all, Jesse Flies, who has been to both the Powder Ridge and Waterville Valley stops earlier this year showed up in Bear for the win. An enormous thank you goes out to Clayton Shoemaker and the Bear Mountain Park Staff for fashioning the ideal course for Superpass. Last but not least, without Superpass's main supporters Volcom, Capita, Electric and High Cascade Snowboard Camp, this series would have never happened, and its brands like this that keep snowboarding alive.

Did you know that there is a movie from the 90's called "Ski Patrol"? Watch the trailer, it looks epic. P: Laura Austin

Jump line.P: Lee Stockwell

What if we wrote all of our captions in Latin.... would that make us seem more intellegent? P: Lee Stockwell

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes? R: Trevor Curran P: Mark Imanuel

Bear staff photographer Lee Stockwell getting the shot. P: Laura Austin

The product of the photo above. P: Lee Stockwell

If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen? R: Zach Foster P: Laura Austin

How much would it suck if they let people openly snowmobile at resorts? It would be like BMXers in a skatepark. P: Laura Austin

The winners. Jesse Flies, Evan Heckman, & John John Estrella. P: Laura Austin