Taylor Superpass 01

Montana is a weird state. Handguns and rifles don't need to be registered but snowboarders who want to compete in the Superpass do. We don't get it. It isn't like these riders weren't firing all day or gunning for the top spot. P: Taylor Kent

Words: Avert Guldemond, Superpass Event Director
Photos: Taylor Kent & Cam McDonald

Making my way up from Southern California's warm climate and hilarious friends of the past, to the second stop of SNOWBOARDER's Superpass Series at Moonlight Basin I was blind to what Montana's depths had to offer. The drive north revealed majestic cliff lines and landscapes that left me in awe of the amazing west. After a quick stop in Las Vegas, the road started to reveal the first views of the Gallatin Range. 10 hours and a grip of iced coffees later, I was trudging up the access road to Moonlight. Just over the hill from the Big Sky, the history of Moonlight Basin as an independent resort is short but sweet. The people the mountain is comprised of truly made my stay memorable with legendary tours of the areas best-kept secrets.

This looks like the start of something big. P: Taylor Kent

This being the second of five stops for the Superpass Superpark Qualifying Series, the event couldn't have gone smoother. Great riding from locals like Todd Kirby, Addison Sponcler and Nate "The Falcon" Falconer made my day as the host of the event awesome. The course was comprised of two textbook jumps followed by a classic riders right hip to complete the feel of the setup. Ambitious tricks from the whole field kept the crowd on their toes and the level of stoke high throughout the day. A big thanks goes out to Ersin Ozer, Chris Mountjoy, and Michelle Jondahl for providing a great venue and even better experience of what Montana has to offer. And of course SNOWBOARDER and everyone involved in the Superpass would like to show appreciation to the generosity of the series sponsors Volcom, Electric, High Cascade Snowboard Camps and Capita.


1. Todd Kirby
2. Addison Sponsler
3. Nate Falconer


Here is a fun event that High Cascade Snowboard Camp can do with their campers and coaches over the summer. It is like a game of S.H.R.E.D. but only involves grabbing your board. Different pieces of paper with different tricks like seatbelt or tai pan or nuclear air written on them are put in a bag and people have to reach in and do that trick. It could be called The Grab Bag. P: Cam McDonald


Gotta wonder how Electric can capitalize on the whole hybrid/green/electric car craze. Or perhaps people are confused and assume that their goggles and sunglasses need batteries or to be recharged overnight. P: Cam McDonald

Taylor Superpass 03

260 or not 260, that is the question. P: Taylor Kent


Lets talk about chairlifts for a second. When we think of detachable quads we just assume they are chairlifts with commitment issues. Then when we ponder fixed grip chairs the name makes us assume at one point it was broken and needed to be fixed. That or it was getting randy with the Tram(p) and needed to get its nuts clipped. P: Cam McDonald


(L to R, 1st to 3rd) Todd Kirby, Addison Sponsler, Nate Falconer