Superpass Mountain Creek 01

This is how it starts. First you and your buddy decide to go to mountain creek and hit some jumps at the same time, next thing you know you are both going in on a shared summer rental at Point Pleasant.

Words & Photos: Pat Bridges
Bonus Photo Gallery: Jay Cagney

As much as we'd like to describe the first stop of the 2011 Superpass Superpark Qualifying Series as being a heated competition the seemingly sub arctic temps prohibit us from making any references that would lead readers to believe the conditions were the least bit hospitable. Wind would add to the contentious atmosphere and cause attrition to take place pre registration. Nonetheless dozens of New Jerseys finest jumpers arrived bright and early at Mountain Creek to partake in their chance at a Superpark invite as well as the heaps of prizes provided by Volcom, Capita, Electric, High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Bag Jump.

Superpass Mountain Creek 02

Whether cold, hyped, determined or simply helmeted the field at the 2011 Mtn. Creek Superpass came to ride.

The terrain park staff at Mountain Creek went beyond the requisite triple line requirements which was requested to 25, 35, and 45 feet respectively. Rather than settle Mountain Creek stepped up and provided the Superpassers with a textbook 25 foot booter, complete with squared sides to a classic 35 foot step down gap. This gap was rad. Normal tricks looked three times as high and the perceived consequence afforded by the vertical cut uphill edge of the knuckle added drama to every attempt.

Superpass Mountain Creek 03

In Jersey any time is the right time to fist pump, like in the middle of a fs 3 stalefish.

Closing the Superpass course were two side-by-side true tables, which could be channel, gapped as a separator. Needless to say the Mountain Creek Superpass has set the bar pretty high for following tour stops.

Superpass Mountain Creek 04

If anyone from the B&H Graphics in Mission Viejo California is looking at this photo do you see anything wrong with this picture? Anything seem weird about the red wind blade? How about the lettering? That's right. You printed the windblades backwards! This means that these uprights can only be understood by dyslexics. Not that we discriminate but selling magazines to dyslexics is a waste of time. Yrros. Tub sti eht hturt.

Seventeen contenders made the start and proceeded to throw down on each feature in a best of four runs format. This change of procedure was warranted by the cold temps and gusty conditions but didn't hamper the action one bit. Late spins, Corked fives, cab 9's and misty flips were all thrown.

Superpass Mountain Creek 05

In New Jersey they abbreviate everything. Like freestyle riders are labeled as DTH (Down To Huck).

Yet only one rider would receive the Superpass invite. By showing skill, composure and creativity on each feature Brett Stewart set himself apart from the pack. This fall Brett Stewart will be joining snowboarding's elite at Superpark.

With the first stop of the 2011 Superpass a success SNOWBOARDER would like to thank everyone who stepped up to make the event a success including Mountain Creek, Volcom, Electric, Capita, High Cascade Snowboard Camp, Bag Jump, Avert Guldemond, Joe Hession, Nate Galli, Hugh Reynolds, Daniel Broadwell, Kade Madson, Juice, The Appalachia, and the riders.

Superpass Mountain Creek 06

Big crowd.

See the complete event results at the bottom of the post.

Superpass Mountain Creek 07

What do we have here? Is that some mid-nineties gap action for Jump 2 of the Superpass triple line?

Superpass Mountain Creek 08

Hells yeah it is. Gaps like this make us want to rip the bases off our bindings and crank up Bro Hymn by Pennywise.

Superpass Mountain Creek 09
Superpass Mountain Creek 10

GTL (Gym, Tailgrab, Laundry)

Superpass Mountain Creek 11
Superpass Mountain Creek 12

This is how it starts. First you and your buddy decide to go to mountain creek and hit some jumps at the same time, next thing you know you are both going in on a shared summer rental at Point Pleasant.

Superpass Mountain Creek 13
Superpass Mountain Creek 14

Capita came in with the clutch post event giveaway items including t-shirts and posters featuring Snowboarders 3rd Best Womens Rider of 2011 Jess Kimura and Snowboarders exclusive on air correspondent for the 2011 ESPN X-Games in Aspen Dustin Craven.

Superpass Mountain Creek 15

These are the champions. From left to right (Cody Bush, Brett Strother, Brett Stewart)

*Bonus gallery below from local Mountain Creek photographer Jay Cagney

R: Scott Hopper P: Jay Cagney

Jay Cagney 01 Scott Hopper

Jay Cagney 05 Brett Stewart

R: Brett Stewart P: Jay Cagney

Jay Cagney 02 Timmy Kempson

R: Timmy Kempson P: Jay Cagney

Jay Cagney 03 Brett Strother

R: Brett Strother P: Jay Cagney

Jay Cagney 04 Brett Stewart

R: Brett Stewart P: Jay Cagney

1. Brett Stewart
2. Brett Strother
3. Cody Bush
4. Timmy Kempson
5. Chad Strother
6. Tie Bryan Watson
6. Tie Kyle Earl
8. Matt Behre
9. Tie Brian Hupper
9. Tie Peter Pape
11. Matt Bothfeld
12. Richie Verost
13. Billy Keil
14. Mike Mainero
15. Scott Hopper
16. Stephen Cerra
17. Ryan Cheek

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