"From sponsoring contests to riding with local kids, its what we love, its what we do."

In my personal opinion, when a shop sponsors a crusty ol' coot like Willie McMillon, I'm backing them. For years now, Willie has never been shy at voicing his personal opinion and anecdotes in regard to what he thinks sucks about snowboarding, a voice that is seemingly silenced with every televised contest that airs in living rooms nationwide. Basically, Willie is fucking awesome, and the fact that Liberty Boardshop backs him says mouthfuls more than any billboard you may find off I-5. That said, they also throw their weight behind Jackson rulers Mark Carter and Kyle Clancy, as well OG Grenerd Colin Langlois. Point being, these guys get it. In 1993, Matt Pindroh decided to open a shop that sold snow and skate equipment that didn't rest on shelves next to boogie boards and rollerblades, and since that day, Liberty has seen growth that would make a pre-teen with a hormone disorder envious. With a store in Brea and an online presence, Liberty continues to cater exclusively to those who love to do what we all do. As Liberty employee Matt O'Connor says, "We sell what we like. It's more to us than a business—it's who we are, and it's what we do. In the end, we want to be able to provide people who snowboard with the best customer service and product available. We want to support snowboarding in all ways. From sponsoring contests to riding with local kids, it's what we love, it's what we do." Though Matt's words hold valid sentiment, ol' Willie puts it in a more non-PC perspective when he says, "I've never had to explain shit to these guys. They get it. You know what's refreshing? Getting to work with people I consider my true brothers. Now that's gay…and refreshing!" Although Willie's words sound more like a Zima slogan than a compliment, his sentiment holds true to this crew. Stop by Liberty and shoot the shit with these guys—you won't regret it, and you might even leave with some winter gear that'll stoke you out.

-Tom Monterosso

Shop Name: Liberty Boardshoptalkin-shop-liberty-boardshop-3

Street Address: 330 N. Brea Blvd., Brea, CA  92821


Year Opened: 1993

Number of Stores: One, plus an online store

Team Riders: Kyle Clancy, John Makens, Mark Carter, Willie McMillon, Benny Hernreich, Colin Langlois, JLA forever