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Believe it or not, professional snowboarders do think about other things than just riding. Every now and then these thoughts, photos, poems, art pieces, etc. fall into our laps over here at SNOWBOARDER Magazine. In an effort to let these voices be heard, we've decided to create an outlet for their randomness. And so was the birth of this eclectic and semi-regular feature we'd like the call "Tangents".

Tangents 0010: Eddie Wall Jr Vs. The Six-String

Like a sideways standing Pete Seeger for the new millenium, Ed Wall Jr. has momentarily set aside his shred stick for a six string and already scored himself a video. The focus of this short is a song titled "When Death Comes Knockin’" which Eddie composed after a particularly harrowing plane flight. We can't help but think that this song should be titled "When Def Comes Knocking". Eddie could be some sort of acoustic Ad Rock rocking Adidas while Rick Rubin hypes up his jams. That would be stupid fresh.

Anyone wishing to see Eddie do a little live strumming can check out his unplugged set at the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA on July 24th, 2010 at The Give Event. Tom's Shoes and Active Ride Shop have partnered to produce The Give Event in order to raise awareness for Krochet Kids Intl. If Eddies day job is more your speed than you can also find him onsnow at Windells Snowboard Camp at Mt. Hood in late July or early August.

Note to anyone who is in San Clemente, California next Halloween without a costume or a party to go to. Just dress up as Death and head to Eddie's apartment down by the pier because this sounds like a good time! Hell, why wait for Halloween? Narcs or anyone who really is Death should probably not come.  -Pat Bridges